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The #PeoplesWave Is Rising

The #PeoplesWave Is Rising

The #PeoplesWave of grassroots champions rising up to reclaim our government has just begun. After taking back the U.S. House in November with an unprecedented number of women and people of color, we scored important wins in Chicago’s municipal elections in February....

Trump Offers Cold Comfort to Immigrants

While Trump didn’t follow his dictatorial instincts in his State of the Union speech to declare an “emergency” on the U.S.-Mexico border – yet – we know what the real emergency is: the thousands of children who have been ripped from their families. There...

Yes, We Can Fight Trump’s Deportation Force

On the same day the Trump administration detailed its cruel plan to target and deport undocumented immigrants, Chicago Public Schools sent some guidance to its principals: “ICE should not be permitted access to CPS facilities or personnel except in the rare instance...

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