Yes, We Can Fight Trump’s Deportation Force

President Trump’s desire to turn ICE into a deportation force strikes fear in the hearts of many immigrant families. The good news is we can fight back and win if we stand together. Here’s how.
Mehrdad Azemun
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Trump’s Orders on Immigrants Violate Our Values

The country will stand for hope not fear, and I know you will stand with us to say no to Trump’s border wall, refugee ban and discrimination against Muslims. If you agree, post a “Solidarity Selfie” on social media.
Mehrdad Azemun

A Dangerous New Low – Even For Donald Trump

In a campaign that every week finds new ways to go beyond the pale, Donald Trump's speech on "radical Islam" and immigration hit a new, dangerous low. His Youngstown, Ohio, speech was a chilling and dark moment for our democracy.
Mehrdad Azemun