Trump Says ‘Love’ but Spews Hate

It doesn’t matter what’s in Trump’s heart or mind. His actions, words and policies, on full display in Phoenix, support and advance racism. Trump is in fact racism’s main spokesperson today, and its main policy advocate.

This Earth Day, Defeating Trump is Job One

President Trump's only significant achievement thus far is rolling back protections to our air, water and climate. This Earth Day, we need to halt this regressive agenda, and also form a majority movement to protect our environment.

The People Fired Puzder

It’s no accident that Puzder bowed out just two days after National Security Adviser Gen. Mike T. Flynn’s resignation. The Trump administration’s confidence is shaken. GOP unanimity is broken.

Trump Makes a Mockery of Black History Month

What makes Trump’s Black History Month remarks so laughable and offensive to African Americans is that his history of indifference and hostility to Black people renders the posture of respecting Black heritage completely false.