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Trump’s Axe Turns From Health to Taxes

Fresh off their failure to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Congressional Republicans are aglow with the hope of passing sweeping tax cuts. It’s as if Trump has cast himself as the villain in a cheap horror film. In this B movie, he flails around with an axe, trying to...

Football Unites Against Trump

President Donald Trump has done something no one else could do until now. He has united the National Football League around the National Anthem protest of quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Friday, Trump went on a tirade aimed at Kaepernick and other professional athletes...

Trump Says 'Love' but Spews Hate

The rabid, racial-nationalist Trump was on full display in Phoenix Tuesday night, in a speech CNN’s Don Lemon called “A total eclipse of the facts.” The Phoenix Trump stood in sharp contrast to the more conciliatory Trump we heard just one night before, in his...

Charlottesville Is An Urgent Call for Voting Rights

Saturday night I arrived in Virginia as the conscience of the country and world turned toward the state. Earlier that day, hundreds of organized white supremacists gathered for a “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville in the mountainous Western part of the state,...

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