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The Big Cheat

The children of working stiffs learned a brutal lesson this week as federal prosecutors criminally charged rich people with buying admission to elite universities for their less-than-stellar children. The lesson is that no matter how hard you work, no matter how smart...

Rabble Rousing for Righteous Retirement

  Standing out among the bald pates and grey hairs crowding into a Congressional hearing room on Thursday morning with “Protect our Pensions” stickers will be 26-year-old Ben Trusnik. The son, grandson and great-grandson of labor union members, Ben will travel to...

Gritty Trade Negotiations

It took grit to get this far. U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer explained that to Congress last week. So, he said, no one in the administration is backing down now. They’ve managed to confront Beijing, a trade renegade, and do it with a powerful tool that...

Standing Together on Trade With China

The trade relationship between China and America is destructive: China’s deliberate trade violations drain America’s strength. Beijing is to America what Delilah was to Samson. Chinese trade officials are in Washington, D.C., this week in high-stakes negotiations....

More Billionaire Presidential Candidates: A Bitter Pill

Billionaires are pretty damn sure they know what’s best for you. No more taxes on the rich and none of that Medicare-for-all is what’s best for you, according to two billionaires toying with seeking the presidency. Or, maybe, that’s what’s best for them. One of those...

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