The Link Between Climate Justice and Police Brutality

Toxic environments, as evidenced by human exposure to dirty water or polluted air, are deadly for everyone. When the police shoot first and fill quotas, they are are also toxic. […]
Jacqueline Bediako
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Imagining a Safe Haven for Our Children

Arrive on the scene. Shoot. Bang. Dead child. Gone forever. Mother crying. Blood pressure, spiked. Doom, imminent. Siblings, distraught. Funeral. This predictable chain of events is what seems to happen […]
Jacqueline Bediako

Black Children Have the Right to be Children

Black children in the United States are all too often robbed of their most essential right: the right to be children, who can play, learn and grow up with nourishment, love, educational opportunities, health care and safe homes.
Jacqueline Bediako