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"Make America White Again"

One of the recurrent themes of this presidential election so far is a determined belief that Donald Trump is tapping into working class economic anxiety. And given what we know about the Republican party and the subset of American that are attracted to the Trump...

"I'll Light You Up"

As I have written several thousand times, Americans, especially black Americans, cannot assume they have rights or live in a free country when they are dealing with the police. It is no longer up to police to be professional and calm, it is the citizens' job to...

Social Conservatism Isn't Dead, Part XXIV

This story about a presidential visit to South Dakota: The motorcade wouldn’t pass for at least another hour, but already a small crowd was forming on the sidewalk. They huddled under blankets, carried signs and set up lawn chairs. “Am I wasting my time standing...

Questions for Clinton

I wrote a piece for Salon today about, what else, Hillary Clinton. The headline is harsh (I didn't write it) but I think the piece asks some fair questions: With the Big Announcement yesterday, Hillary Clinton officially entered the race that everyone assumes she’s...

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