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Waves: A Thumpin', A History Maker, A Shellackin' And A Drubbin'

I know we're all supposed to be throwing on our hair shirts and wandering around the streets begging for forgiveness for being losers but I just don't have the stomach for it this time out. I expected this loss, everything pointed toward it and I don't think it says...

The Start Of Something Big?

The political world is abuzz with the news that the upstart Zephyr Teachout campaign made a much more serious run at Andrew Cuomo last night than anyone anticipated. For a campaign with no money in the most expensive market in the nation, it's quite an achievement....

'No Labels' Gets A Label – And It's Not Pretty

Who could have ever predicted that No Labels was just another wingnut welfare operation? Elias Isquith writes in Salon: The No Labels dream is coming up on its fourth birthday, and in that time the group has made exactly zero progress towards its goal of untangling...

Not A Good Day To Be A Woman Or A Public Employee

So the Roberts Court with a divided majority just decided that corporations are able to exercise freedom of speech by spending corporate money on political campaigns, they are now able to exercise their freedom of religion by denying benefits to employees who disagree...

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