Trump Is Vulnerable On Education. Do Democrats Care?

After a string of special election defeats, Democrats are retooling their messages about the economy and healthcare. They should update their message on education, too; there's evidence voters would welcome a change.
Jeff Bryant

Taking the Resistance to Another Level

Trump is breaking a lot of the rules, and norms of the office of the president. I think that a kind of resistance will have to move to another level: it will come out of local communities and local strategies, then take off like wildfire.
George Goehl, LeeAnn Hall

A Vicious Cycle of Poison and Poverty

America takes our most vulnerable families - poor or working poor - and houses them next to polluting industries, poisons their children and now wants to take away their access to health care. Let's fight back to end this vicious cycle.
Lois Gibbs

What Happened to America’s Wealth? The Rich Hid It

There's actually trillions that could be used to fix our roads and schools: the wealthy just don't want you to know where it is. It's time to stop the hiding of wealth in offshore accounts and complicated trusts.
Chuck Collins