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George Goehl and LeeAnn Hall, co-directors of People's Action, are featured in "The Constitution vs. Donald Trump," a new documentary film by Bob Abeshouse for Al-Jazeera America. The film explores the rising tide of grassroots resistance to the Trump administration's political agenda.

“Trump is breaking a lot of the rules, and the norms of the office of the president, and I think that a kind of resistance will have to move to another level," says Goehl, who is interviewed at length in the film.

“We are moving our million people to being part of an army that is going to register voters, knock on doors, make phone calls. We’re also developing hundreds of candidates across the country who’ll run anywhere from city council to governor."

“We spoke up in districts where no one expected people to fight for Health Care for All,” said Hall, ia Heath Care Town Hall People's Action hosted in Washington, DC with Rep. Keith Ellison as part of Peoples Action's Rise Up! convention in April.

The film features other highlights from the convention, including speeches by Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rev. Tony Pierce, the co-senior pastor of the Heaven’s View Christian Fellowship in Peoria, Illinois and of board chair of Illinois People’s Action and Fair Economy Illinois.

"We’re fighting back smart," says Pierce, "and we’re using the fights to build our power and change the story."



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