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Burning Issues: The Occupation of Palestine

Palestinians are in for “another difficult four years” as a result of the weakness of the Democratic Party platform’s statement on the conflict between Israel and Palestine, says Jim Zogby in this Burning Issues video.

It’s Pence?

Trump appears to tap Gov. Mike Pence for VP, but delays announcement. W. Post: “…Trump said he was scrapping his plans to announce a running mate because of the terrorist attack in southern France … by early evening, Trump said that he had yet to make a ‘final, final decision’ … Pence was spotted Thursday evening in New York, an indication that he had been chosen … ‘If the objective is to broaden the appeal of the party beyond the base, I’m not sure this would be the wisest choice,’ said Rep. Charlie Dent (Pa.), noting Pence’s positions on social issues.”

Pence diverges from Trump on several key issues. New Republic’s Brian Beutler: “Trump opposes cuts or changes to … Social Security and Medicare; Pence backed radical reforms to those programs … Pence supports the trade agreements Trump deplores. Pence supported the war in Iraq. Whatever Trump once thought of that endeavor, he now criticizes Republicans who beat the drum for it in the most withering terms.”

Trump wins convention rules fight, delegates remain bound. NYT: “With that threat neutralized, Mr. Trump and his campaign can turn their attention to other problematic aspects of the convention, including a list of speakers that is not finalized.”

National Doorstep Convention to counter GOP convention. LeeAnn Hall of People’s Action: “This weekend, July 15-17, People’s Action and other major progressive organizations, including Center for Community Change Action,, and dozens of state-based groups, are joining together for a National Doorstep Convention. Thousands of volunteers throughout the country will go door to door to talk with voters … about coming together … to vote against hate and in favor of a bold, progressive economic agenda.”

Bernie To Launch “Our Revolution” Political Operation

Bernie Sanders reveals more information of his post-primary political plans to USA Today: “The Sanders Institute will help raise awareness of ‘enormous crises’ facing Americans. The Our Revolution political organization will help recruit, train and fund progressive candidates’ campaigns. And a third political organization may play a more direct role in campaign advertising. Sanders plans to support at least 100 candidates running for a wide range of public offices — from local school boards to Congress — at least through the 2016 elections … Sanders also is writing a book titled, Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In …”

Cornel West breaks with Sanders, backs Green Party nominee Jill Stein in Guardian oped: “I am supporting Jill Stein. I am with her – the only progressive woman in the race – because we’ve got to get beyond this lock-jaw situation. I have a deep love for my brother Bernie Sanders, but I disagree with him on Hillary Clinton.”

VP possibility Tim Kaine tears into Trump. NYT quotes: ““Do you want a ‘you’re fired’ president or a ‘you’re hired’ president? Do you want a trash-talker president or a bridge-builder president?” Do you want a me-first president or a kids-and-families-first president?”

Tom Steyer invests $10M into joint NextGen Climate Action-SEIU swing state GOTV effort reports W. Post.

Congress Skips Town

Congress takes summer recess, leaving behind unfinished business. NYT: “…a plan to aid the fight against the mosquito-borne Zika virus, a measure to prevent terrorists from getting guns, scores of judicial confirmations, a sweeping bipartisan criminal justice reform package and basic appropriations bills were left scattered about like errant wrappers from the Senate candy drawer.”

Threat of shutdown before election. Politico: “…Republicans and Democrats are already at odds over a stopgap government spending measure that will almost certainly be necessary in September to stave off a shutdown … Lawmakers, mostly in the House, have already been debating whether to write a short-term government spending measure that runs into December or a six-month stopgap measure … Schumer already ruled out the six-month option…”

New York on verge of approving law requiring lead testing of school water. Mother Jones: ” It likely won’t be the last: This year, at least 20 bills in seven states have been introduced to address lead contamination in school water … The ultimate solution, researchers agree, is to replace all lead pipes and fixtures, but few school systems can afford such a project … some experts fear that occasional water testing won’t be enough [because] particles come out of pipes and fixtures somewhat randomly…”

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