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We are just days away from the Republican National Convention. Next week, the corporate elite will descend on Cleveland, Ohio, to presumably nominate a candidate whose life's work is stealing from others to build wealth for himself.

By naming Donald Trump as their choice, they are endorsing a candidate who built his campaign by stoking hate and fear, and insulting immigrants, Latinos, Muslims, African Americans, people with disabilities, LGBTQ people and women.

And with Trump's rumored choice of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, he is doubling down on his agenda of hate. Pence's best-known achievement is the signing of an anti-LGBTQ bill that made his state the target of boycotts and late-night comedians' jokes.

Really, it's hard to think of anyone that Trump and Pence haven't insulted.

So we've decided to hit the streets to go talk and listen to the people who really matter in this election - the voters.

This weekend, July 15-17, People's Action and other major progressive organizations, including Center for Community Change Action,, and dozens of state-based groups, are joining together for a National Doorstep Convention.

Thousands of volunteers throughout the country will go door to door to talk with voters about their values, and about coming together to take a stand - to vote against hate and in favor of a bold, progressive economic agenda.

Volunteers are ready to hit the sidewalks in 16 states and more than 30 cities, to reach tens of thousands of voters now, and a half-million by November.

Door knocking by volunteers is usually a quick one or two minutes at the door. The National Doorstep Convention this weekend is different.

We believe the best way to reach voters is for neighbors to have real conversations with neighbors. Our goal is to give people a time to reflect on the choices that are presented to us in this election.

We will discuss our shared challenges, and how to move forward together to create a safe, healthy, empowering future for everyone. We want to build an economy that works for all of us, and that means building from the bottom up - starting with fair wages.

We can't solve the serious economic inequality in our country by electing someone like Trump, who wants to divide the U.S. into two nations: one for the superwealthy, the other for everyone else.

We need to move a real economic agenda that takes power from corporations and wealthy elites and puts it back in the hands of the people.

The Republicans and the corporations sponsoring the Republican National Committee are building an agenda that pits neighbor against neighbor and will tear our nation apart. We can't solve the serious problems facing us with more division and more hate.

This election is really a test of our character, as individuals and as a nation.

Do we point the finger at each other? Or do we as neighbors, come together across communities, from different religions, races and cultures, to build a better future together?

This weekend, by going door-to-door to talk, to listen, and to connect with our neighbors, we will share our values and build on a vision of an America where we can all succeed and where we are stronger together.

And at each door, we will build the vote against hate and intolerance.

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