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Republicans are now claiming President Obama is for big spending cuts that gut government and the things we do to make our lives better, and that Republicans are not for gutting spending. This one is almost funny, if it weren't for the damage that will be done to people if the Republicans cause the "sequester" budget cuts to go into effect next week.

Yes, next week huge budget cuts will occur unless Republicans do something to stop it. But Republican understand that:

  1. Cutting the things government does to make our lives better is hugely unpopular;
  2. Cutting government spending when the economy is weak will threaten to return us into recession;
  3. Cutting essential services will hurt a lot of people.

So they are trying to deflect the blame, and are actually trying to tell the public that it is Obama who has been for these big cuts all along, not them.

This latest lie is so preposterous you might think I am making this up. So watch this ad that the Republican Party has put out:


Buzzfeed has the story, in RNC's New Ad Takes Obama Wildly Out Of Context,

The short clip makes it appear as if Obama is pledging his support for the sequester rather calling on Congress to come up with a broad approach to avoid it, using his veto as part of a threat to force a plan.

My post this week, Coming Sequester Cuts Will Hurt Jobs, Growth And People – And People Are Mobilizing, details some of the terrible consequences of the "sequester" should it occur.

Three things you can do:

1) Contribute to our Stop the Cuts campaign today

2) Tell your member of Congress: Disarm the Austerity Bomb. Stop the Sequester

3) Starting today, real people started pushing back through a series of more than 100 events that were scheduled in 23 states around the country. They are sponsored by a coalition that includes national labor groups, Americans for Tax Fairness and Health Care for America Now. (You can see a list of events at or

One more thing: As for who is for cutting essential service that make people's lives better, and who is for keeping them, never forget that it was the Republicans who campaigned in 2010 and again in 2012 saying Democrats were cutting Medicare and they would never do that. In 2010 it worked and they gained a majority in the House of Representatives, but by 2012 people had started figuring it out.


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