The Unending Campaign Of Lies

Wow, an entire campaign based on lies… Often they were simply ridiculous lies. (Remember when Romney said Obama will take God off our coins“?) The campaign even used doctored audio […]

A Vote Against Despair

Some people I respect are agonizing over their Presidential vote. Others are voting third-party, or not at all. Speaking only for myself, my choice wasn’t made lightly: I’ll be voting […]
Richard Eskow

Some Middle-Class Zeros Could Get Zeroed Out Tuesday

At least seven toss-up races in the House that will be decided Tuesday feature strong progressive challengers trying to unseat Republican incumbents who received zeros in this year’s Voter […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Obama’s Closing Argument: The Winning Message

When it comes to politics, it ain’t over ’til its’ over. And even then it may not be over. With the presidential election just days away, the contest remains close enough […]
Terrance Heath

MUST See – Not Funny Mitt

Much of the nation is reeling from Superstorm Sandy. As families rebuild from Sandy’s destruction, our thoughts are with the victims of this horrific, fossil-fueled storm.

Austerity Doesn’t Reduce Deficits

Austerity is back in the news, and the news about austerity is never good. We’ve only had de facto austerity on this side of the pond. So as usual, the news is from Europe, […]
Terrance Heath

Is The Budget ‘Crisis’ History?

Originally published at TruthOut. One of the major growth industries in Washington is the promotion of budget hysteria. Well-funded groups have weekly, if not daily, events designed to hype the […]
Dean Baker
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