The Doublethink Debate

“I agree,” said Mitt Romney, and so he did, with the same passionate intensity with which he previously scorned the president’s foreign policies from one corner of the country to another.
Robert Borosage

Sensata: The Reason Romney’s Wrong for America

Every day President Obama reads and responds to letters from citizens. This illustrates his basic philosophy: people first. By contrast, for Mitt Romney, profit is the priority.
Leo Gerard

Why Paul Ryan Is A “Zero” For The Middle Class

Don't be surprised if Republican Rep. Paul Ryan works hard at tonight's vice presidential debate to counter Vice President Joe Biden's Scranton, Pa. working-class roots with his own small-town roots in Janesville, Wis.
Isaiah J. Poole

The Real Story Of Libya: They Don’t Hate Us

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy The real story in Libya is not that there was a local terrorist attack. It’s that the Libyan […]
Bill Scher

Welcome to the RomneyZone: Foreign Policy’s Economic Home Front

In tonight's foreign policy debate, Mitt Romney will say that the way to get jobs back from China is with more free trade and lower taxes. But China's Communist. It already has tougher trade restrictions and higher taxes than we do. How, exactly, will more tax cuts help us compete?
Richard Eskow

Joe the Plumber, We Miss You!

Americans haven't heard much at all from Joe the Plumber this election cycle. A shame. Without his rants against sharing the wealth, no one's bothering to debate how desperately America really needs to be sharing. And how desperate has our maldistribution of wealth become?

About That Secret Ballot …

We've had a number of disturbing reports these last couple of weeks about employers instructing their workers to vote for Romney or risk losing their jobs.

George McGovern: A True Progressive Hero

I am saddened to hear that progressive champion Sen. George McGovern is reported to be at the end of his days. He has lived a life nearly as large as his heart.
Robert Borosage

Mitt Romney, (Affirmative) Action Hero

Everyone's talking about Romney's "binder full of women" comment last night and it's clear that, once again, he lied. But I think it's worth taking a second look at it anyway:

The Latest Lie: Obama’s “War On Religion”

A new Romney ad says President Obama "used his health care plan to declare war on religion, forcing religious institutions to go against their faith." Apparently the Romney campaign can't find any criticisms of President Obama that are actually true. The Ad

The Latest Lie: “You Didn’t Build That”

Did President Obama tell business owners they didn't build their businesses. That's what the entire right-wing media machine is saying he said. What did he really say? Drudge Report headline: "Obama Goes Wild: 'If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen'..."
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