Koch And Native-American Reservation Oil Theft

Just what is this Koch Industries? Should it be called a "company?" If so we need to re-think the idea of what a company and a business is supposed to be. Even the brother of Koch Industries owners David and Charles Koch called the company an "organized crime" operation.

Social Security A Tale of Two Mitties

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the year of protecting Social Security, and the year of cutting Social Security. It was the age of defending Medicare, and the age of ending Medicare.
Richard Eskow

Campaign Cash How Citizens United Will Change Elections Forever

Undue corporate influence over U.S. elections has been a serious problem in American politics for decades, but this year's Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission made things worse. Worst of all, we may never know the extent of the damage.
Zach Carter

Lets Get This Straight Welfare Reform Was A Failure

The "success" of the 1996 "welfare reform" pact between President Clinton and congressional conservatives is an hardy piece of conventional wisdom that you will hear repeated, and usually unchallenged, in the rare times that poverty comes up in the political discourse.
Isaiah J. Poole

Behind Romneys Minimum Wage Flip-Flop

As I wrote yesterday, at this point it no longer matters whether or not Mitt Romney takes the positions he does because he truly believes they are right or to satisfy conservatives in his party. The right-wingers who own his party will demand his fealty, if Romney wants the Republican nomination.
Terrance Heath

Call Senators Buy America Amendment Today

There is a "Highway Bill" amendment in front of the Senate today that closes loopholes in "Buy America" preferences when government spends money on infrastructure. This is the Brown-Merkley Amendment #1819. Call your senators now! The Brown-Merkley Amendment #1819 fixes the following:

Its Time To Pass The Call-Center Bill

There is a bipartisan bill in the Congress that regulates call centers, names companies that move jobs out of the country, gives customers the right to talk to Americans if they are having trouble understanding the support representative, protects private information that you give to the representat...

99 Spring April 9-15

Non-violent direct action. Last month I wrote in, You Should Know About The "99% Spring", Action Coming -- Spread The Word! This is a Big Deal, just look at end of this post for the list of organizations that are signed on to this so far - and more coming.

Honoring Justice

On March 1st, I had the honor of speaking at the memorial service for civil rights hero and respected jurist Judge Robert L.
Alan Jenkins

Mitt Romney Takes Us Back To The Age of Enron

Mitt Romney, in the latest permutation of his "pander-to-win" campaign strategy, has declared that he wants to take America back to the Age of Enron. Remember Enron? "The Smartest Guys in the Room"?
Terrance Heath

The Big Reagan Recovery Was Government Spending And Hiring

Conservatives like to talk about how well the economy did under Reagan, and how poorly it is doing now. Then they say that government "takes money out of the economy." But the difference in economic growth was that under Reagan the government was spending and hiring, and now it isn't.

On Taxing the Rich a Top Pol Breaks Ranks

A tax-the-rich bombshell has dropped in the presidential race. The French presidential race. But this bombshell’s blast will almost certainly reverberate elsewhere. Maybe even in the United States.

False Facts And Twisted Logic

Think Progress tweeted this chart, writing: "FACT: Under Obama, government is shrinking. There are 598K fewer gov't jobs today than there were in January 2008."

Get Ready For The Edu-Debt Crisis

This week the US House of Representatives, with bipartisan support, passed a bill, H.R. 2117, with the misleading title of The Protecting Academic Freedom in Higher Education Act.
Jeff Bryant

Good Jobs First: No Grand Bargain Without A Jobs Trigger

What we have here is a failure to communicate. Poll after poll shows that voters are concerned most of all about jobs and the economy. Yet in Washington and on the campaign trail, attention has turned to deficits and how to get our books in order.
Robert Borosage

Whiplash Mitts One Unshakeable Conviction

As a Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney should wear a warning label: "CAUTION: following changes in this candidate's positions could cause whiplash and other injuries." Seriously, you could hurt yourself trying keep up with the speed with which this gu
Terrance Heath
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