Put A Ring On It The Economics of Equality

In my previous post, I wrote that I'm likely to hear an old favorite conservative talking point repeated over and over again while I'm at CPAC: Married cures poverty, economic inequality, and just about any other economic complaint you can name — especially for black folks.
Terrance Heath

Republicans vs Obama on Jobs Records

Along with squandering a federal budget surplus, getting us mired in two “wars” and devastating the net worth of most Americans, today’s revised jobs data show a net loss of 646,000 private sector jobs during the eight Bush/Cheney Republican presidential years—and only 1,466,000 private sect...

Washingtons Inside Game

Just in case you missed the news, "Insider trading" is back. It's even bipartisan.
Terrance Heath

Save The Date Take Back The American Dream June 18-20

Join thousands of progressives, five months before the critical 2012 elections, to energize the movement and "Take Back the American Dream." Go to OurFuture.org/takeback for "Early Early Bird" discount registration for the Take Back The American Dream conference.
Robert Borosage

Anti-Union FAA Bill Passes Congress

The FAA reauthorization bill has passed Congress with its anti-union provisions. Once again big companies of the 1% were able to use their money and power to buy legislation that hurts 99% of us. And many Dems joined in. Watch the powerful video at the end of this post.

America’s Failed Mole-by-Mole Trade Policy

Last week several groups, including the United Steelworkers, petitioned the federal government to whack the latest trade mole – illegally traded auto parts from China. With President Obama announcing creation of a new trade enforcement unit in his State of the Union Addre
Leo Gerard

Newt vs Mitt Mutual Assured Destruction Pt 2

I wrote earlier that Newt Gingrich's campaign is one of mutually assured destruction for the GOP. No one, I wrote, has to lift a finger to destroy Newt Gingrich. Just stand back, give him room, and he'll do it himself.
Terrance Heath

FAA Bill Still Anti-Labor Call Your Senators

Not long ago, in A Win For Labor - FAA Bill Drops Anti-Union Language, I wrote that, "negotiators have dropped the anti-union language for votes to start a union. Republicans were insisting that no-shows be counted as "No" votes. Delta's check must have been mailed late."

Bashing Federal Workers Is Bashing The Middle Class

On Wednesday the House voted to extend a two-year federal worker pay freeze an additional year. These workers, instead of getting a raise at the end of 2012, will have to wait until the end of 2013. (The House vote and our analysis is posted on our sister site, TheMiddleClass.org.)
Isaiah J. Poole

The Jobs Numbers – A True Story

The news is just out, the economy added a healthy number of new jobs last month, even with government jobs still declining thanks to austeridiocy. The better news is that there is an accelerating trend.

Citizens United Uniting the One Percent

MItt Romney is taking a lot of heat for saying that he's "not concerned about the very poor." To be fair, he also said he's not concerned about the very rich either. Lucky for him the feeling isn't mutual that that side of the economic divide.
Terrance Heath

Social Security Mitch Daniels and the Millionaires Means-Testing Scam

 Last week Republican Mitch Daniels once again pushed the "means testing" argument against Social Security, saying that we can no longer "afford to send millionaires pension checks" or  "pay medical bills for even the wealthiest among us."  
Richard Eskow

China Cheating Costs 400K Auto Parts Jobs

This week three new reports described even more continuing damage to our economy caused by China's trade cheating -- and our own lack of response. Even as the auto industry recovers and auto-assembly jobs are returning, the auto-parts industry and jobs are not.
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