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If aliens from another planet landed in the U.S. this weekend they would likely assume that the people inhabiting this place are completely obsessed with one thing and one thing only: money. Unless of course if they landed at the Save Our Schools March that happened on Saturday. In that case, what they would have experienced was an extremely passionate dialogue about the well being of children and how to best prepare them for their future. Imagine that.

Some have tried to portray this march as a union-initiated activity that is all about jobs, but anyone attending the event knows otherwise.

It’s true that teachers’ unions supplied some of the money to fund the event, but most came from private donations from people who are deeply concerned about what’s happening to our nation’s schools. (Full disclosure: I’m involved with the people who organized the event.)

The real crux of the matter is that anyone who attended the event and engaged with the crowd and listened to the speakers was far more apt to hear serious arguments not about jobs and money but about how standardized testing is ruining education and why money is not an effective incentive for teachers to do their jobs better.

Of course, speeches from celebrities such as Matt Damon and Jon Stewart get all the attention.

But the real gem of the day was this impassioned appeal from John Kuhn, a school superintendent from Texas:



Listen to that and then tell me that this march was about a labor dispute.

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