Your Retirement Needs To Be Protected From These Predators

In the latest hearing of their "Middle Class Prosperity Project," Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Elijah Cummings hear how some financial advisers enrich themselves by imperiling the retirement of their clients.
Richard Long
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Will Social Security Decide Maryland’s Senate Race?

It comes down to this question: Are these Democrats committed to ensuring that retired working people can live in dignity and financial security? That's become a litmus test for their commitment to the American majority.
Richard Eskow
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The Real Social Security Crisis Is Income Inequality

The huge transfer of income and wealth from the middle class to the top 1 percent is not just a moral issue, but also a huge economic issue that affects Social Security to a significant degree, Sen. Bernie Sanders points out.
Richard Long
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A Tax Holiday Has Begun For the 1 Percent

The top one percent of working Americans only pay Social Security tax on the wages they earn during the first six weeks of the year. The rest of the year is a tax holiday. Is that fair?
Diane Archer
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The Federal Reserve Board and Social Security Disability

The Republican Congress, making overhauling the Social Security disability program one of its first orders of business, put in place a rule change that would make it difficult to address a projected funding shortfall.
Dean Baker
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On Tuesday, Will Obama Stand Up for Social Security?

Unexpectedly fierce Republican attacks on Social Security offer the president an opportunity to set the political tone for the next two years. During the State of the Union we'll see whether he seizes that opportunity.
Richard Eskow
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The Human Cost of the GOP’s Social Security Assault

Who bears the human cost of Republican hostility to this popular and vital program? Today it's the disabled. If they succeed, tomorrow it will be America's seniors. But we'll all pay, one way or another.
Richard Eskow
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What Life Will Look Like When You Can’t Afford to Retire

In new Harper's article, journalist Jessica Bruder adds a new phrase to America's vocabulary: "Elderly migrant worker." A growing number of older Americans must resort to Rving across the country for seasonal and temporary employment.
Lynne Stuart Parramore
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What Does The Fed Have To Do With Social Security? Plenty.

People who are concerned about the future of Social Security should be paying a great deal of attention to what the Fed does. Raising interest rates will not only affect the economy today, but it will also affect Social Security tomorrow.
Dean Baker
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Happy Birthday, Social Security – But Stay Away From That Cake!

August 14 is Social Security’s birthday, which raises the question: what do you give the program that has everything? After all, Social Security enjoys massive public support. It’s the most efficient program of its kind in the country.
Richard Eskow
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Disabled Americans: Pawns in a Larger Social Security Game?

Republicans are raising alarms about Social Security’s disability trust fund. But a staff member for one senator admits seeking to use the issue "to catalyze a broader discussion" about cutting Social Security benefits.
Richard Eskow
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Victory! Chained CPI Out Of The Obama Budget

Great news! The AP just reported that the chained CPI will not be in President Obama’s budget. This is a victory for populists who want politicians to fight for the majority of real Americans facing tough economic realities.
Roger Hickey
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Chained CPI: Don’t Do It, Mr. President

Why is whether President Obama will reprise the "chained CPI" Social Security cut in his 2015 budget even an open question? Truth is, motives don't matter. What we know for sure is that it is still an open question.
Richard Eskow
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Is PBS Being Paid To Join The Plot Against Pensions?

David Sirota this week broke the story that conservative financier John Arnold, who is on a campaign to dismantle state public pension programs, has given $3.5 million to PBS to finance a series on "The Pension Peril."
Is PBS Being Paid To Join The Plot Against Pensions?
Isaiah J. Poole
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