Why Demographics Can’t Save the Democrats – But Populism Can

The “rising American electorate” is sinking, along with many other Americans, into an economic quagmire. If Democrats don't address their needs, they won't just fail to win new voters. They could also lose the ones they have.
Richard Eskow
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Chuck Schumer’s Populist Concession

Sen. Chuck Schumer started a brawl when he blamed the Democrats' losses on President Obama's success in passing health care reform. Missed in the hubbub is the surprising populist concession of the senator from Wall Street.
Robert Borosage
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Is The Democratic Party Relevant Anymore?

Many Democrats examining what happened in the 2014 midterms are asking "what did the voters want?" But the right question is why did only 36.4 percent of potential voters bother to register and vote?

The Opportunity To Reawaken The Progressive Majority

The 2014 election results reveal a failure of Democrats to speak to the progressive populism latent in the American electorate. But there is one sign that this mistake won't be repeated in the next election cycle.
Isaiah J. Poole
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New Insight Into A Democratic Populist Path To Victory

Stan Greenberg still sees a way for Democrats to have a good outcome Tuesday – and it's through the party's base in the "rising American electorate." But to get there, Dems will have to pivot to a more populist message.
Isaiah J. Poole
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The Way to Win: Election Talk with Celinda Lake

The conversation was enlightening. It was also alarming – as in, a wake-up call. There's substantial polling data which lays out what must be done. The question is, Will enough Democrats get the message?
Richard Eskow
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Why Now Is The Time To Tackle Poverty

Every couple of generations, the stars align to create the potential for monumental, transformative social change. It turns out we're in just such a moment when it comes to tackling poverty in the United States.
Alan Jenkins
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From Ferguson To Raleigh: The March For Jobs And Freedom Continues

Fifty-one years ago, thousands of Americans gathered for the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Today, events in Ferguson, Mo., and North Carolina show how much work remains, and how to carry on the mission of the March.
Terrance Heath
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Should Populists Declare Victory?

Pundits suggest populism is capturing the Democratic Party and that populists should declare victory, invite all into their tent, and stop challenging wayward New Democrats and centrists who admit their errors.
Robert Borosage
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Hillary’s Sister Souljah Moment

For Hillary Clinton, the 2016 challenge will be to reassure voters that she is on their side. To overcome the fact that she's Wall Street's favorite candidate, perhaps she should seek out her own Sister Souljah moment.
Robert Borosage
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The Emerging Democratic Debate

Democrats, we're told, are united whereas Republicans are tearing each other apart. But beneath the apparent consensus, a fundamental argument is brewing between the Wall Street and the Warren wing of the party.
Robert Borosage
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How to Build a Powerful People’s Movement

How do we build a people’s movement? We start with vision. Prophetic moral vision seeks to penetrate despair, so that we can believe in and embrace new futures. It does not ask if the vision can be implemented
Rev. William Barber
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The New Populism: Ready For The Fight Ahead

At the New Populism Conference, Rev. William Barber reminded progressive populists that we must know why we fight, and what we're fighting for. We must not shrink from battle, when we have all we need to fight and win.
Terrance Heath
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Pollster Celinda Lake’s New Populism Warning

There are Republican candidates and pollsters "who get this new populism," Celinda Lake told The New Populism Conference last week. If Democrats don't effectively align themselves with the populist mood, Republicans will.
Isaiah J. Poole
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Elizabeth Warren and The New Populist Challenge

Led by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a new populist challenge is emerging that is already influencing the national debate in 2014, and will have a major impact in 2016, whether or not the senator is ultimately drafted to run.
Robert Borosage
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What Is The New Populism?

The new populism stands in the grand American tradition of opposition to financial aristocracies. It is founded in today's reality. Its reform agenda gains broad support. And it is growing, challenging the limits of both parties.
Robert Borosage
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Who Will Reach The Rising American Electorate?

The rising American electorate that twice elected Barack Obama could be a deciding factor in 2014, if either party reaches out with a message that addresses concerns of its diverse constituencies and motivates them to vote.
Terrance Heath
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Can The New Populism Save The Climate?

As progressives gather in Washington on May 22 for the New Populism Conference, to shape and organize around a populist agenda, it's worth discussing if and how populism can be harnessed to save the planet.
Bill Scher
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What Does Hillary Believe? Populists Want to Know.

The Democratic Party risks being sidelined from the debate being sparked by the New Populist uprising, paralyzed by the Sphinx-like silence of its presumptive 2016 nominee – and her husband's rhetorical war on populism.
What Does Hillary Believe? Populists Want to Know.
Richard Eskow
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Look Out, Wall Street, the New Populism is Coming

Make no mistake about it: the public’s mood is distinctly populist. And much of that populist sentiment is directed toward the financial institutions that have so badly damaged our economy.
Richard Eskow
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