The Minimum Wage Fight Is A Fight For Women

Millions of women are the backbone of the services sector yet struggle to provide the basics for their families. Here's how they would benefit from a $10.10 minimum wage.
Isaiah J. Poole
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Wall Street Bonuses vs the Minimum Wage

Raising the minimum wage would give our economy much more bang for the buck than we get from the financial industry's yearly windfalls. That’s because low-wage workers tend to spend nearly every dollar they make to meet their basic needs.

10 Reasons To Call For More Than $10.10 as a Minimum Wage

There are strong arguments for raising the minimum wage even more than $10.10 an hour – perhaps considerably more – than is currently being discussed, and the independent left should be making them.
Richard Eskow
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Are Dems Running 1996 Playbook To Raise The Minimum Wage?

Nearly every president since the minimum wage was established has signed into law a minimum wage increase, even when a conservative Congress loathed a Democratic president -- such as in 1949 and 1996.
Bill Scher
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Minimum Wage Executive Order A Win for 500,000 Workers

The new executive order will raise the wages of contract workers who are currently being paid less than $10.10 an hour. This victory is a testament to workers who took the risk and went on strike again and again for higher wages.
Derek Pugh
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“Inequality Doesn’t Just Happen. The 1% Make It Happen”

Elites believe that all that matters is that the possibility exists for someone to get rich. After all, that's their highest value, so it must be that for everyone. But acquiring great wealth isn't the holy grail for most people.
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The Best of The Worst of the Right-Wing in 2013

From the second inauguration of Barack Obama to the latest skirmish in the “War on Christmas,” a steady stream of outrageousness flowed from the American right this year. Here are the best of the worst of the right-wing in 2013.
Terrance Heath
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The Great American Class War: Plutocracy Versus Democracy

We are this close -- this close! -- to losing our democracy to the mercenary class. So close it’s as if we’re leaning way over the rim of the Grand Canyon waiting for a swift kick in the pants.
Bill Moyers
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Want to Cut Food Stamp Spending? Raise the Minimum Wage

The right way to cut spending on government assistance is to decrease the need for that assistance, not cut assistance for those in need. Raising the minimum wage boosts the economy and cuts government spending on food stamps and other programs.

A Little Light in the Dark Corridors of Power

Four and a half years after the "recovery" began, economic pain remains widespread. Yet the Washington/Wall Street tell Americans, "Have patience." Now, Larry Summers suggests a core economic assumption of the American elite might be dead wrong.
Jeff Faux
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Fast Food With A Side Of Poverty, And What It Costs Us

Low-wage jobs in the fast-food sector are costing American taxpayers nearly $7 billion every year. More than half of fast-food workers must rely on programs like food stamps and Medicaid to make ends meet.
Derek Pugh
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Forget About the Tourists, Worry About the Workers

The government shutdown is revealing how easily distracted we are by shiny objects. Tourist sites are important, but they fail to capture the economic pain that ordinary Americans, and especially the poor, will feel if the shutdown drags on.
Joshua Holland
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The “God of Money”

On Sunday, during a meeting with a group of unemployed workers, Pope Francis abandoned his prepared comments and railed against economic inequality. Hopefully, world leaders were listening.

The President Has More Power Than Just A Bully Pulpit

Home health care workers are dramatically underpaid and overworked, and they care for some of our society's most vulnerable citizens. President Obama did something about it which was long overdue. Good for him.
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The Rich Just Keep Getting Richer…

It's no longer just an expression – the rich are getting richer, and the rest of us are being shut out of the game. A new report says that the top 10% took home more than half of all the income in 2012. More than 20% went to the top 1%.

In Los Angeles, Labor Redefines Itself

In a watershed moment in labor history, the AFL-CIO has decided to expand its membership to include all groups working to organize workers. “It’s time to turn America right side up!” President Richard Trumka declared at the union's annual convention.
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