Progressive Breakfast for July 26

Morning Message

Sanders: The Struggle Continues

In his address to the convention, [Sen. Bernie] Sanders made it clear that the campaign was only the beginning ... Sanders, [Rep. Keith] Ellison and [Sen. Elizabeth] Warren each invoked major planks of the platform as pledges that Clinton understands and will fight for. They began the process of wedding Clinton to her platform promises ... [But] Sanders can’t deliver his supporters or guarantee their enthusiasm. Only Hillary Clinton can overcome the doubts, capture the hopes and gain the trust.

Day One: Boos Turn To Cheers

Sanders helps quell dissent as Dems convene. Politico: “‘Hillary Clinton must become the next president of the United States,’ Sanders boomed. And delegates, for the most part, cheered his call … Democrats ended the night more optimistic than they began it …”

Dems not in disarray, says TNR’s Brian Beutler: “Reporting from inside the convention hall corrected the solidifying narrative of a party in disarray; and the basic competence, and occasional brilliance, of the stagecraft left no room for anyone other than the most partisan operatives to pretend the two conventions and parties are equally broken. At no point Monday did anyone read plagiarized text. At no point did anyone say anything racist or blame anyone for anyone else’s death.”

But further disruptions possible. Politico: “…Sanders’ diehard backers … plot to disrupt proceedings Tuesday, when Clinton is set to be formally nominated. The so-called Bernie Delegate Network, a group of Sanders’ most vehement supporters, has flirted with the notion of challenging Clinton’s vice presidential pick, Tim Kaine, though Sanders’ campaign has disavowed those efforts…”

Sanders team tries to minimize boos. W. Post: “As TV networks played back the video of Sanders delegates booing Clinton’s name, Sanders deputy communications director Mike Casca tweeted a Pew poll, based on months of research, that found 88 percent of Sanders voters ready to back the ticket. ‘One more time with feeling, folks: The convention is not the election,’ he wrote.”

Crowd erupts when Sanders calls for no vote on TPP. David Dayen notes: “That was ad-libbed about TPP not getting to the floor in the lame duck.”

Clinton hires top Sanders aide. NBC: “Nick Carter will serve as Vermont state director and national progressive outreach coordinator for Hillary for America … Carter is the most senior Sanders staffer to join the Clinton campaign yet announced. The campaign previously hired Kunoor Ojha to help mobilize young voters.”

Bill Clinton Tonight

Bill Clinton to address party that has moved left. USA Today: “The question is whether the 42nd president in 2016 can resonate with a more progressive party, while still reaching the conservative Democrats who enthusiastically backed him and now say they won’t support his wife.”

Hopes to connect with white working-class. Politico: “[He] is ‘singularly obsessed’ with bringing back to the fold white voters who twice elected him to the Oval Office, according to a source … He is laser-focused on Florida … eager to tour the Rust Belt states and even the red South to cut into Trump’s margins…”

Polarization between college and non-college whites may be deepening. The Atlantic’s Ron Brownstein: “National surveys released on Monday by CBS and CNN/ORC show the gap between the preferences of whites with and without a college education in the 2016 presidential race soaring to a level unmatched in any recent election … [The Republican convention] struck a powerful chord with working-class white voters—while generating a cooler response with the other two large blocks of voters, white-collar whites and minorities.”

Trump Tries To Divide Dems

Trump tries to exploit Democratic discord. Bloomberg: “‘It’s quite exciting to watch,’ Trump said at an evening campaign rally in North Carolina … Trump highlighted the acrimony in an attempt to lure Sanders’ voters, repeatedly drawing attention to the recent release ofhacked Democratic National Committee e-mails… ‘Hillary Clinton knew what was going on,’ Trump said during an event in Virginia, without offering any evidence for his claim…”

Trump alters attack on Muslims. Politico: “Donald Trump said Monday night he prefers not to single out Muslims when discussing his stance on immigration, but said his position on immigration and refugees has expanded. ‘I’m talking about territories now,’ Trump said on Fox News. ‘People don’t want me to say Muslim. I prefer not saying it frankly, myself. So we’re talking about territories.'”

Trump NC rally mocks transgender people. W. Post: “…several of North Carolina’s highest-ranking Republicans took turns firing up the crowd … Rep. Mark Meadows prompted the crowd to chant ‘Lock her up,’ … [Gov. Pat McCrory said, motioning straight ahead, to his right and to his left. ‘And if any of you need to use the restrooms …’ McCrory paused as the crowd of several thousand laughed and cheered…”

Fed Meets

Fed makes rate decision Wednesday. Bloomberg: “…it is expected to fall short of telegraphing that a hike is right around the corner, and there is no post-meeting press conference with Fed Chair Janet Yellen to drop further clues … with the combination of a strong rebound in the employment data and stocks at record highs despite U.K. voters’ decision to leave the EU, the voices of those in favor of higher rates are likely to come back to the fore.”