Heres A Deficit To Worry About

Washington is in a Fox News tizzy about budget deficits. But even though the budget deficits were clearly caused by tax cuts for the rich, huge military spending increases and […]

Trade Deficit Blows Up

There was (yet more) bad economic news this morning. Reuters: US trade deficit grows to 31-month high. While oil takes part of the blame, the problem is not all oil: […]

Debt-Ceiling Deals Cuts Could Crash Economy

Negotiating with crazy people is always a bad idea and negotiating with hostage-takers is dangerous. But negotiating with crazy hostage-takers is worse than dangerously bad. The “debt-ceiling” deal being negotiated […]

Buy American Jobs

Efforts by those who never want to hear someone say, “Bye-bye American manufacturing,” converged coincidentally to make June Buy American month. First, at the forceful urging of U.S. Sen. Bernie […]
Leo Gerard


That’s the word I’d use to describe the recent leadership of both Political Parties on American jobs, and especially factory jobs. The only development on Monday more depressing than President […]

Gingrich Calamity Newt Asks the Right Question

Less than a week after launching his presidential campaign, Newt Gingrich’s candidacy has already been declared "done" and "over" by conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer. Gingrich’s mouth—always faster than his brain—has […]
Robert Borosage

Its The Economy Stupid Version 2011

Within a week, as the news and analysis of Osama bin Laden’s demise fades, the American people will focus once again on the issues that matter most to their daily […]

Why Trump Gets Traction From Trade

Donald Trump is getting traction. He is talking about trade, jobs, China, manufacturing, China, jobs, China and China — and it is resonating with a public sick of being told […]

The Wrong Deficit

Deficit fever has swept through our capital, and President Obama has finally caught it. However, his speech is focusing on the wrong deficit. And that’s because, quite sadly, our political […]

A Jobs Bill Wrongly Ignored In Budget-Cut Mania

Demanding bold solutions to today’s jobs crisis.Read the series » Register for The Summit on Jobs & America’s Future » At a time when the nation faces a lost decade […]
Isaiah J. Poole

ABCs This Week on Made In America

ABC News has been doing a series on Made In America, outfitting a Dallas family’s home entirely with products that are made here. Click through to see videos from this […]

Wisconsin & The GOPs War on the Middle Class

In a post about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s bid to strip public employee unions of collective bargaining — the most important and effective tool for protecting workers — Van Jones […]
Terrance Heath

The GOPs Cement Shoes for the Economy

I’ll say it again. When progressives and conservatives talk about jobs, we are not talking about the same thing. Nor do we talk about jobs for the same reasons, it […]
Terrance Heath

Balance Trade—Make Jobs

Summary Our present severe recession, though officially over, lends urgency to tackling U.S. trade issues. Without the announcement effect of a trade bill, manufacturers will continue to shutter factories and […]


The Democratic Leadership Council, according to press reports, is broke and closing its doors. For anyone who cares about working and poor people, this is a demise that should have […]
Robert Borosage

Odd Jobs Report

Today’s monthly jobs report was odd. There were few new jobs, but the unemplopyment rate dropped again as even more people gave up looking for work. This month they blame […]

The Buffett Balanced-Trade Idea

I want to bring attention to a post today,Balance Trade—Make Jobs, by Bill Parks. In the post Parks writes about the harm being caused by our trade imbalances: The U.S. […]

Time to Wield the Foreign Policy Stick

America plays the role of abused partner in its relationship with China. Although the Asian giant repeatedly injures U.S. industry by violating international trade rules, America has responded, almost exclusively, […]
Leo Gerard

Trade Deficit Lower But

Good news: Trade Deficit in U.S. Unexpectedly Narrows to 10-Month Low The U.S. trade deficit unexpectedly shrank in November as growing global demand and a weaker dollar help boost overseas […]

The State of the Union is Uneasy

President Obama delivered just the right speech in Tucson. Can he replicate that performance for his State of the Union address on January 25? For the sake of our nation’s […]

Obama and the CEOs Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

The president kicked up his “corporate charm offensive,” meeting for hours with 20 CEOs yesterday. Characteristically, he started with an apology for not “finding the right balance” in addressing business. […]
Robert Borosage

Are Tea Party Members Getting Played

Are the Main Street Tea Party members getting “played” by Wall Street and big-corporate billionaires? There is a big, big, big difference between what the regular members and the big-money […]

Spare Us Another 8 Years of Faulty USChina Trade Policy

On Monday, The International Trade Commission (ITC) unanimously voted to recommend that President Obama impose tariffs on the import of Chinese tires for three years. The new administration will have […]
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