Colorado Calls Out Sen. Gardner to Defend Health Care

Colorado Senator Cory Gardner says the GOP "should be more open" about their plan to repeal health care. We agree. But Gardner's dismay doesn't take away his own responsibility to vote to defend health care in his state.
Sarah Chaisson-Warner
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Arizona and Ohio Speak Up to Defend Health Care

Senators Flake and McCain of Arizona, and Portman of Ohio have the power with their three votes to protect health care for more than half a million in their states, and millions more across the country. Will they listen to their voters?
Sarah Chaisson-Warner
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Health Care Repeal: Playing Political Chicken With Our Lives

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is playing political chicken with our lives. Since he and other Republicans are drafting their health care repeal in secret, it’s up to us to share the stories of those who will bear the consequences.
Sarah Chaisson-Warner
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The Senate’s Silent and Deadly Health Care Repeal

Republican leaders in the Senate are very quietly – and very secretly – forcing through a radical health care repeal that threatens the lives of people across the country. It’s up to us to make noise and demand our voices be heard.
Sarah Chaisson-Warner
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Our Fight for Health Care During Recess and Beyond

Republican leaders in Congress are still gunning for our health care; their radical plans for our economy leave them no choice. During Resistance Recess, we'll let lawmakers know we'll keep fighting so everyone gets the care the need.
Sarah Chaisson-Warner