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Kavanaugh’s Disdain for Workers Disqualifies Him

In his statement to Congress during confirmation hearings, Judge Brett Kavanaugh said his mother taught him judges must always stand in the shoes of others. Though hardly original or deeply inspirational, it’s not bad advice. The problem is that Kavanaugh never...

Labor Day: 24 Hours When Workers Are Human

Labor Day recognizes the humanity of workers. It commemorates their year-long efforts with time off dedicated relaxation, family, friends, and barbeques. There’s no holiday for robots, raw materials, or the energy that animates the machines of manufacturing. Because,...

There’s a Way to Make Corporations Work for Workers, Too

The stock market is bubbly. Unemployment is at record lows. On financial news shows, someone always seems to be singing, “Happy Days are Here Again.” But the chorus isn’t so cheery on factory floors. There are no Happy Days at the Harley Davidson plant to be shuttered...

Republicans: Up is Down, Medicare is Safe

Republicans live in an Alice-in-Wonderland World where they can pass $1.5 trillion in tax cuts that won’t cost anything. They’ll pay for themselves! Just like a worker’s mortgage does every month. Just pays for itself! And then the GOP can propose another $1 trillion...

Billionaire Wolves in Workers’ Clothing

Multimillionaire Bruce Rauner, the Republican Governor of Illinois, just couldn’t wait to tell his state’s workers the U.S. Supreme Court had given them what he considered a gift. Within hours of the court’s ruling in the Janus case, Rauner emailed Illinois...

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