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Workers Petition Congress: Protect Our Pensions

The total number of workers at risk is 1.2 million. In my union, the United Steelworkers (USW), 100,000 are threatened. Daryl A. Bugbee of Olivet, Mich., is one of them. He wrote Congress’ Joint Select Committee on Multiemployer Pensions on Aug. 8: “I am the father of...

Labor's Challenge to the New Democrats in Congress

In his victory speech on election night, U.S. Rep. Conor Lamb said he would always remember the union members who helped him defeat two Republican incumbents in one year. “Side by side with us at each step of the way were men and women of organized labor. . .  I will...

The Best Way to Get Voters to Vote

The voter turnout last Tuesday was historic – the highest in half a century, nearly half of the eligible electorate participated, an amazing number for a midterm. The United States Election Project estimates turnout at 49.2 percent. How high would it have risen...

China Grabs 3.4 Million American Jobs 

Everything is great, right? Unemployment is the lowest in half a century. The economy is churning out a high GDP. Home values are rising rapidly again. Inflation remains low. Still, the stock market has been crashing in recent weeks. Investors don’t like President...

The Rich Want To Take Away Your Right To Vote

Democracy is tough for one-percenters. They’ve got all that money but, hypothetically, no more voting power than their chauffeur or yacht captain or nanny. In this one-person, one-vote democracy, though, they’ve got a plan to fix all that for themselves. They’re...

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