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After an 'Educator Spring,' Teachers Storm Elections

For Progressives, the stunning upset victory by first-time congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over a prominent incumbent candidate in New York seems to be a sign that a wave of change coming in the midterm elections. But a perhaps bigger, clearer sign of...

Charter School Chain Wants Profits From Detained Children

Separating refugee and immigrant children from their parents at the border isn’t just a cruel injustice to the families affected; it's also good business, and the latest enterprise wanting in on the action is a Texas-based charter school chain connected to the...

Supreme Court's Janus Ruling Will Hurt Children

If the Supreme Court rules against workers in Janus vs. AFSCME, it will hurt children at a time when it's become shamefully commonplace for our government to abuse those of a tender age. Pushing the Janus case to a compliant Supreme Court is the conservative...

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