Falling Apart, Falling Behind

Previous posts and our report have discussed how America is falling apart. Collapsing bridges, high unemployment, and so forth. In this post I discuss how we are falling behind. China […]

Conservatives: Not even trying to be serious

The email came from GOPUSA, whose mission is to “spread the conservative message throughout America.” The editorial, “Barack Obama’s Dream Cabinet”, caught my attention. I’m curious and thought they might […]

Sweeten the Deal

The bailout package failed. Republicans didn’t line up behind their leadership, unconvinced about the size, the urgency or even the rightness of rescuing tycoons from their own mistakes. Congress may […]

Building Our Way Out

The economy is sinking. Wages are flat, costs are rising and bridges are collapsing. Wall Street doesn’t know which way is up. The bail out is coming now and the […]

Safe Toys, Edible Food, Smart Globalization

Why is it that people who question globalization are treated like Neanderthals? You’re a protectionist, critics charge. Globalization is here to stay; you can’t turn back the clock, you Neanderthal! […]

Orders of Magnitude

I had the privilege Tuesday morning of attending a hearing by Rep. James Oberstar, D-Minn., the chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, on the issue of America’s decaying […]

Gallup gets it wrong

A brand new Gallup poll reports: “Americans prioritize protecting the environment over economic growth by 49% to 42% — but this seven-point margin is near the low of the past […]

Conservatism Is Dying

Modern conservatism is dying. There’s still an election to be held, but conservatism as we’ve known it since Ronald Reagan is failing—ground down in the desert of Iraq, drowned in […]

The Cost of College: A Win for the Good Guys

What a difference a year makes. The Republican-controlled 109th Congress doubled student interest rates and cut $12 billion out of student aid. The new Democratic 110th Congress has cut the […]

The Cost of College: Relief is in Sight

At last we get a little good news. The new Congress is presenting to the President a package of legislation designed to help working families afford the skyrocketing cost of […]

Arbitrary Justice, Hidden Truth

Purely by chance, I was in the middle of reading Katharine Graham’s autobiography when President Bush commuted I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby’s sentence. I had just reached the part where Graham, […]
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