For Abe Lincoln, on his Birthday

With respect to Honest Abe on his birthday (February 12), I update his Gettysburg Address – at a time that tests whether our nation, or any nation conceived as ours, can still endure.

A Vote for Justice Over Money at the FCC

An FCC Commissioner called it "the clearest, most egregious case of market failure I have ever seen." It took over a decade, but on Thursday the Federal Communications Commission set things right.

The Private Prison Industry Resistance Isnt Futile

The private prison industry is on the march. In recent months the industry moved to take over 24 state prisons in southern Florida and buy five prisons in Ohio. Now it’s making moves in Michigan. But the industry doesn’t always win. Resistance isn’t futile.

Occupy DC Arrested Take Action [Video]

I'm a middle-aged, middle-class PTA dad who participates in Occupy DC because I want a better country for our kids. On Sunday, the National Park Service brutally tased a peaceful, young Occupy DC demonstrator. This was a prelude to their threatened crackdown of Occupy DC today at noon.

The Dream that Drives the Occupations

I’ve been spending evenings and weekends recently with the Occupy protestors in DC. I can’t stay full time because, unlike many protestors, I have two children and a full-time job. […]

Public Employees Offer Solutions Examples

Enough with blaming public employees for all of America’s problems. Last week public employees in Oregon marched on the state Capitol with a billion dollars worth of recommendations for government […]

Breaking Up The Banks I Did It

As the debate heats up over Elizabeth Warren to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, I took a step out on my own. I got a divorce. I am no […]

Obama’s Export Goal How We Can Make it

Yesterday I attended a conference on the Renaissance of American Manufacturing in Washington DC. It included a variety of organizations with interests in trade, from the US Business and Industry […]

With A Compass Not A Roadmap

The complaints are starting on the new Obama administration. Some are concerned that he filled his administration with former Clinton hands, reflecting the old school (if more competent), not the […]

China v. US Workers: China is winning

Today the Senate Banking Committee is holding a hearing to examine “the impact of China’s exchange rate practices on U.S. manufacturing” Many experts will testify. I offer some pictures that […]

Tax Audits: IRS Gives Big Corporations a Pass

Big corporations still get away with it. A stunning new analysis by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University shows how the IRS targets smaller corporations, while larger […]

Getting Places, Creating Jobs

Two items from my inbox: 1. The Economic Policy Institute has a new report detailing the positive impacts of transportation infrastructure spending. A $34.3 billion jobs package will create approximately […]

It’s Official. Corporations Rule.

People have been wondering for years who runs our country. People or wealthy corporations? Today the Supreme Court settled the debate. Today’s decision, Citizens United v. FEC, tilts the balance […]

The 2010 Elections: Bring ‘Em On!

I’m looking forward to the 2010 elections. We need them. Many dread how badly the election is shaping up. Commentators predict double-digit Democratic losses in the House and further retreat […]

The Wrong Recovery

Things are supposed to be looking up. Today’s data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis gives a fuller picture: low wages and declining domestic production. Real average hourly earnings fell […]

The Problem is Jobs, Not Debt

Conservatives are using the economic crisis to push through their favorite tricks. The latest trick is a commission to cut the budget and cut the debt without the inconvenience of […]
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