Protect All Student Borrowers

When you’re a student taking out a loan, should the amount of protection you get from fraud differ based on the size of the lender? That is the question the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is about to decide.
Ben Johnson

Sequester Hurts The Troops

The next time your Republican representative says they support the troops, laugh and call them a liar because they obviously don’t care enough to make sure the men and women […]
Ben Johnson
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Left and Right Agree: Cut The Pentagon

You wouldn’t know it from the shopping list drawn up for the Pentagon by defense hawks in Congress, but we’re long past the days of contending with a global superpower […]
Ben Johnson
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Sequester Cuts To Scientific Research Hurt Job Growth

President Obama’s State of the Union address highlighted the importance of keeping medical and scientific research fully funded by the federal government. “Now is the time to reach a level […]
Ben Johnson
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Unmarried Women Reject The Right’s Sequester Line

Republicans and deficit hawks are out of touch with unmarried women voters, and that is particularly true when it comes to the across-the-board spending cuts known as the sequester that […]
Ben Johnson