Senate Republicans Lose Big In Climate Vote

Six years ago, Democrats broke ranks with Obama on capping carbon. Today, Democrats are holding firm. Republicans have proven unable to win in the court of public opinion.
Bill Scher
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The Sad Story Of Bobby Jindal

Jindal could have been the face of a modern Republican Party: racially diverse, factually based, mathematically literate, governmentally competent. Instead, he epitomizes a "stupid party" he claimed to reject.
Bill Scher
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Republicans Can’t Get Their Climate Story Straight

In Tuesday's Republican presidential debate, both Senator Rand Paul and former Governor Jeb Bush tried to offer a new Republican approach to climate, and both got tied up in knots.
Bill Scher
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Midterm Elections Say Nothing About The National Ideology

Democrats have won the presidential popular vote for five of the last six elections. So don't let anyone tell you than the midterms and off-year election results mean that the nation is fundamentally conservative and Republican.
Bill Scher
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Building On The Keystone Victory

Now is the time to use the momentum from the Keystone pipeline decision, and mobilize for a broad cap on carbon emissions and a massive investment in clean energy jobs.
Bill Scher
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What Did Rubio Actually Say?

Sen. Marco Rubio has been christened the winner of the last debate by the pundits after staring down Jeb Bush's attack on his senatorial attendance record. But what did he actually say about his ideas and policies?
Bill Scher
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Scandal-Mongering Keeps Backfiring On Republicans

Instead of spending the time to identify new ideas, craft polices and corral support for those policies among party members, Republicans spent the last few years going down the Benghazi and IRS rabbit holes.
Bill Scher
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Will Keynes Win The Canadian Election?

Canada's Liberal Party, after losing the prime ministership and being relegated to third party status, is on the cusp of regaining control of the government Monday. If so, it has John Maynard Keynes to thank.
Bill Scher

Why Won’t Democrats Talk Straight About Trade?

On trade, every Democratic presidential nominee has for the past three decades campaigned one way and governed another. Why does this keep happening? The answer is not money.
Bill Scher
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Jeb Bush Promises To Turn Four Percent Into Four Percent

Jeb is planting his flag on constantly moving ground. GDP has steadily grown throughout the Obama presidency after the stimulus sparked the recovery. If the recent strong quarters hold up, Bush's pledge will be exposed as decidedly empty.
Bill Scher
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Here’s What John Boehner Should Do Before He Leaves

But Boehner set his resignation date for October 30th, not September 30th. He's giving himself an extra month. That means he can try to pass still more things with the help of Democrats.
Bill Scher
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The Pope Would Not Shut Down The Government

Some anti-abortion conservatives are one week from shutting down the government over Planned Parenthood funding. Yet they got no encouragement from the leader of the world's biggest anti-abortion institution.
Bill Scher
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What Will Pope Francis Say This Week?

Pope Francis arrives in America on Tuesday, meets with President Obama on Wednesday, addresses Congress on Thursday and the United Nations on Friday. But no one knows exactly what he wants to accomplish.
Bill Scher

Just What Are Hillary Clinton’s Accomplishments?

Hillary Clinton has four major accomplishments from her tenure as Secretary of State: the Libyan UN resolution, the New START treaty, renewing diplomatic ties with Myanmar and setting in motion the Iran Deal.
Bill Scher
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Why Can’t Republicans Accept Reality On Iran?

Those watching the juvenile tactics on the House floor may ask themselves who they would rather handle our delicate foreign policy matters: those who accept reality or those who don't.
Bill Scher
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A Win For Peace

The Iran deal will not be scuttled by Congress now that President Obama has secured the support of enough Senate Democrats to sustain any veto of any attempt to strip Obama of his authority to waive sanctions. It's a historic win for peace.
Bill Scher
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President Trump’s First 100 Days

The die-hard Trump fans who think he has magical abilities to transform Washington need only look at the last couple of celebrity blowhards who swept into office on a promise of radical change: Governors Ventura and Schwarzenegger.
Bill Scher
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Why Jeb May Have Bested Trump In The Town Hall Duel

Trump is not only the obstacle in Jeb's way. His anti-immigrant bigotry is a cancer on the Republican Party. Jeb seems to grasp more than most that the cancer needs to be removed
Bill Scher
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Why The Lessig Campaign Is Nuts

No one will vote for a candidate with no governing experience on the basis on a single issue. And it's not true that nothing good can happen until we enact his package of election reforms.
Bill Scher
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Where Are The Republican Ideas?

After the debacle of George W. Bush’s conservative economic policy and foreign policy, Republicans still have something to prove. They didn’t prove anything last night.
Bill Scher
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Obama’s Climate Plan: Is It Good Enough?

Fault lines are emerging in response to the administration's Clean Power Plan, the EPA rule designed to cut carbon emissions from power plants 32 percent by 2030. How can we make sense of it, and what should activists do next?
Bill Scher
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