Trump Can’t Spin His Greed

Trump brags about sucking the wealth from the lower-income to line his own pockets, and nothing in his stated policies suggests a Trump administration would be any different.
Bill Scher
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Trump’s Trade Con

If he's willing to lower the corporate tax rate to strengthen our negotiating position, what's stopping him from lowering the federal minimum wage as well? Why assume his version of a "good deal" would try to lift wages worldwide?
Bill Scher
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“Populist” Trump Wants To Deregulate Wall Street

For a guy who claims he can win the votes of Bernie Sanders' supporters, he has an odd way of going about it. Going backwards on Wall Street reform is hardly the best approach to win over Bernie's populist following.
Bill Scher
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Trump’s Uphill Battle For Bernie Voters

"I think I'll get a lot of his supporters" Donald Trump said on CNN of Bernie Sanders voters. A few seconds earlier, Trump smeared Sanders, saying he "could be beyond a socialist." That sums up his problem.
Bill Scher
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Donald Trump’s Trick To Pose as a Populist

Donald Trump has a trick he likes to use when he wants to communicate two different messages to two different constituencies: incoherence. It doesn't take much to expose incoherence, yet it seems to flummox media headline writers.
Bill Scher
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No, Trump Did Not Change His Position On The Minimum Wage

Is his recent minimum wage comment a real shift in position? Is he breaking with conservative orthodoxy? Is he showing that deep down, he truly has working people's interests at heart? Nope, nope, and nope.
Bill Scher
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Conservatism 1980-2016, RIP

Modern American Conservatism died last night at 7 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. It was 35 years old. Myriad diseases in conservatism's early adulthood were devastating and eventually proved to be irrevocable.
Bill Scher
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Hillary Clinton’s Balancing Act

It's possible Clinton can lean right, and still win over the Bernie Sanders vote because she's preferable to Donald Trump, and also double down on progressive populism, and still pick off Republicans because she's preferable to Trump.
Bill Scher
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Carly Fiorina: The Worst Possible VP Pick

She was a failure at business and a failure at politics. She never had the qualifications to be president. The fact that Ted Cruz would take Carly Fiorina seriously only shows how low the Republican Party has sunk.
Bill Scher
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Is The Paris Climate Agreement Too Little Too Late?

We should celebrate how much we have been able to accomplish, but with our eyes wide open, knowing that there will surely be more we will have to do and more battles to fight.
Bill Scher
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Can Democrats Take Back The Senate?

The unhinged Republican presidential primary may give an impression of a nation gone mad, but the way vulnerable Republican Senate incumbents are trying to hold on to their seats reminds us that the nation is not in a right-wing mood.
Bill Scher
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Everybody Hates Trump

Does the Republican Party leadership and the Republican convention delegates have the spine to stand up to Trump, and his threats of riots, and deny him a delegate majority?
Bill Scher
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Fight For $15 Nears Big Win In California

Tenacity and flexibility is helping California workers get a raise. Despite reluctance from Gov. Jerry Brown, a compromise has been struck to establish a statewide $15 minimum wage, the highest in the nation.
Bill Scher
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Don’t Trust Donald Trump On Social Security

Donald Trump has attracted attention for being the rare Republican who doesn't promise to cut Social Security. But that doesn't mean you should trust him on Social Security.
Bill Scher
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Time For The Republicans To Cut Loose From The Bigots

The Republican coalition is simply too reliant on bigots to survive in an increasingly multicultural America. That bigotry is fueling the rise of Donald Trump, who gets clobbered in every general election poll.
Bill Scher
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The Inevitable Trump Flip-Flop On Super PACs

If Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for president, he will have a choice: flip-flop on super PACs or get wildly outspent ... assuming he can find enough billionaire donors willing to bankroll any super PACs.
Bill Scher
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Meet The Conservatives Who Would Leave Trump’s Party

A Donald Trump nomination means several elements of the Republican Party will sit out the election, vote third-party or even vote Democrat. The seams of the GOP coalition are tearing apart in front of our eyes.
Bill Scher
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Why The Republican Party Must Stop Trump, and How It Can

Trump's non-ideological campaign of hate would split the party, whether or not the GOP allows him to claim the nomination. Better to excommunicate him, cleanse the party of hate and purify conservatism.
Bill Scher
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How Bernie Could Lose The Nomination But Win The Convention

If Sanders comes to Philadelphia in July with a legion of delegates, chances are he's going to look to the Hubert Humphrey example of 1948, and hope that he can similarly transform the Democratic Party.
Bill Scher
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How Badly Did The Supreme Court Damage Obama’s Climate Plan?

Defenders of the climate have to worry that the Supreme Court will sent the EPA back to the drawing board in 2017. Just one more reason why who gets elected president could literally change the course of the world.
Bill Scher
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Jeb Bush Really Said This About Climate Change

"If we don't adapt to the reality of a changing climate there could be serious repercussions ... I think the climate is changing. It is inconceivable to me that 5 billion people living on this planet don't have an impact on that."
Bill Scher
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That Time Marco Rubio Tried To Accomplish Something

There was one time when Rubio tried very hard to accomplishment something, even asserting a leadership role: immigration reform. Not only did he fail to accomplish enactment of the bill, his leadership was a colossal disaster.
Bill Scher
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