Republicans, Here’s Your Way Out Of the Obamacare Vise

The Republicans are in a jam. But there is a way out. It requires Republicans to prioritize maintaining political power over sticking with ideological principles. That should not be a problem.
Bill Scher
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How Many Won’t Watch Trump’s Inauguration?

On The Rick Smith Show, I discussed how low TV ratings would rattle Trump, as well as other issues looming large for the incoming administration. Check out the podcast.
Bill Scher
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Don’t Watch Donald Trump’s Inauguration

A mass refusal by the public to watch Donald Trump on TV will deprive him of big ratings, which he routinely uses to create a false impression of widespread popularity.
Bill Scher
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How Trump Is Like Reagan … And How He Is Not

With eleven days until Donald Trump is inaugurated as President, at least half of the country is in disoriented shock. And while in many respects what is happening is unprecedented, in other respects, we've been here before.
Bill Scher
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Sorry Donald, Republicans Own Health Care Now

Donald Trump and the Republicans own the government, and so, they own Obamacare. That's what Barack Obama intended and that's why Obamacare will never be truly repealed.
Bill Scher
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What Happened? Doing the Math on Election 2016.

Now we have the hard numbers to do a thorough assessment of what really happened in our nation's 58th presidential election. One thing is certain. The votes are out there. Democrats have four years to go get them.
Bill Scher
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America Did Not Vote For This Cabinet

Donald Trump is creating an executive branch of government in service to a narrow set of special interests that no Democrat, and not even all Trump voters, would ever want.
Bill Scher
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The Paris Pact Might Save The Climate From Trump

Nations of the world are sending a message to Donald Trump: mess with Paris, and you may get slapped with a carbon tariff. Such a response could not happen unless the world compromised on an imperfect climate agreement in Paris.
Bill Scher
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Five Reasons For Liberals To Have Hope

If Trump manages to drag down the entire Republican Party with him over the next four years, Democrats might be able to snag the biggest political prize of all in the 2020 elections.
Bill Scher
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The Coming Republican Reckoning

If the the Republican rank-and-file can break with Trump, and Trumpism, Republican leaders will be more able to reposition and compete in 21st century America. But that is the most likely scenario.
Bill Scher
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The Biggest House Race Of 2016: Teachout vs. Faso

If there's one House race that encapsulates the hopes of the Bernie Sanders revolution, it is the race for the currently Republican-held open seat in upstate New York's 19th congressional district.
Bill Scher
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The Four Unknowns On Election Day

The only unknowns are whether: Hillary Clinton can break 50 percent of the popular vote, Gary Johnson can break 5 percent, Evan McMullin can win Utah’s 6 electoral votes, Democrats can claim the Senate or even the House.
Bill Scher
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Caution: Handle Polls With Care

We're at the stage of the election where obsession with the latest polls reaches its peak. Yet it is also the stage when polls can stop informing about the electorate and start warping the electorate.
Bill Scher
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Donald Trump’s Smear of Lyndon Johnson

Donald J. Trump said LyndonB. Johnson "wanted to silence the church" because "he was having a problem with either one or more churches." It's not true. Here are the facts.
Bill Scher
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The Biggest Spender Backing Donald Trump? The NRA.

Why is Donald Trump pandering so hard to "the Second Amendment people"? Possibly because the National Rifle Association is the biggest financial backer of his campaign.
Bill Scher
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Why Trump Can’t Get Over 45%

The Trump campaign has been a test to see if the Republican Party can still win as an essentially all-white party with a platform rooted in racial grievance. All the evidence says it cannot.
Bill Scher
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The Need To Separate Trump From Populism

If Trump is more associated with populism than Clinton, and then loses decisively in November, populism could be tainted by Trumpism, weakening the left’s leverage over Clinton.
Bill Scher
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Can Hillary Get Away With Hugging Obama?

Clinton is not selling herself as an agent of abrupt change. She is positioning herself as a conduit of steady change, in contrast to, Donald Trump, who might bring change like a tornado, leveling all in its wake.
Bill Scher
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