Casey Mulligan: Wrong Again on Minimum Wage

In yet another attack on the minimum wage, New York Times Economix blogger Casey Mulligan argues that the failure of part-time employment to continue to increase at the end of 2009 is proof that the July 2009 minimum wage increase prevented 800,000 part-time jobs from being created.
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Happy New Year 2001 (this is not a typo)

As New Year’s Day approaches, here’s wishing you a Happy New Year 2001! That’s right, 2001. With wages stuck at 2001 levels, it’s been a lost decade for working families.
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Todays Big Idea To Get America Working Make Work Pay

Significant job growth continues to elude the American workforce, as companies hold back from expanding and rehiring in the face of weak demand for their goods and services. In a […]
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Why Low Wages are Far From Good News

The Austin American-Statesman ran an op-ed Saturday under the head-spinning headline ”Low Texas Wages are Mostly Good News.” No joke. American-Statesman staff writers Lori Taylor and Heather Gregory noted that […]
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Minimum Wage Not to Blame for Teen Unemployment

In his latest attack on the minimum wage,Casey Mulligan charges in his NYT Economix post that the 2007-2009 minimum wage increases are adding to teen unemployment. He writes that “Many […]
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GOP Bait and Switch on Jobs

  The House Republicans have developed a track record of bait and switch when it comes to their approach to job creation.   Last week, House Republican leadership released a […]
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YouTube Ad Calls the Health Insurance Industry’s Bluff

Campaign for America’s Future, in conjunction with the new campaign Health Care for America Now, captures the health insurance industry failing to deliver on its promise to listen to citizens’ […]
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Postcard from Buenos Aires

Dear Rick, Greetings from Buenos Aires. You are always talking about how we need to invest more in our public infrastructure. How ’bout this street sign strategy from the Paris […]
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Progressives: Take Back America!

This song, recorded and produced by Campaign for America’s Future, is adapted from Willie Nelson’s anthem “A Peaceful Solution.” Nelson welcomed people to re-record the song in their own styles, […]
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