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An Open Letter from Veterans to Recently Activated National Guard Troops

Attention Members of the National Guard,

We write you as fellow veterans and service members with full knowledge of what’s at stake as many of you are being asked to mobilize against civilians in your own country. As your neighbors fill the streets demanding the justice this country promised them, your command is undoubtedly telling you that you’re being activated in service to your community. And yet, it is your community members who fill the streets, while your Commander in Chief tweets about using you to murder people over something as insignificant as property damage.

A moral choice lies before you. As veterans who have faced similar tests of conscience, only to realize too late that we chose wrong, we cannot stress enough the impact this decision will have on the rest of your life. We all took an oath to defend the country from enemies foreign and domestic. Are Black protesters the enemy of this country? Today you have to decide whether you are loyal to the values you swore to uphold or to the commanders who would order you to turn on your neighbors for demanding justice. You cannot be loyal to both.

We know that it is your intention to be of service and prevent more harm, but we urge you to remember the deadly legacy of the National Guard enacting violence against protesters- Watts in 1965Kent State in 1970Los Angeles in 1992, and many other examples in recent history.

The military is designed to be lethal, not to de-escalate.

We urge you to have the courage to do the right thing. Refuse activation orders.

No amount of property is worth a single human life. Are you really prepared to carry out the violence President Trump threatened against Minnesotans and others? We ask that you stand up for Black lives by standing down. We know the consequences you may face for disobeying orders. Many of us have faced them ourselves. And many of us live with the consequences of following orders we shouldn’t have, and can tell you that the cost of moral injury is far greater.

There is a long legacy of troops choosing what’s right over what’s ordered. You are not alone in your convictions. To discuss your rights and the options available to you, contact the GI Rights Hotline at 1–877–447–4487. You can also connect with veterans ready to support you as peers and stand with you in your decision by emailing

Very respectfully,

About Face: Veterans Against the War and the undersigned

Veterans (311, updated 6/1)

Devin Griffin, Air Force

Tashi-Kali Macket, Air force

Stephen Dutschke, Air Force

Percy Hilo, Air Force

Tim Pluta, Air Force

Phillip Pflager, Air Force

Ronda Shelton, Air Force

Dave Paolo, Air Force

John Spitzberg, Air Force

Koni Delgado , Air Force

David Yhann, Air Force

Ksenia Voropaeva, Air Force

Christina Burgtorf, Air Force

Jack Koning, Air Force

Evan Anderson, Air Force

Madison Coveno, Air Force

Steve Griffin, Air Force

Kyle Harlow, Air Force

Christine Meisenheimer , Air Force

Corbett Brattin, Air Force

Sandra Barrett-Hoomani, Air Force

Wilford Vogt, Air Force

Nancy Cook, Air Force

Lori Quintana , Air Force

Kevin Parent, Air Force

Bill Wilson, Air Force

Joris Hines, Air Force

Michael Turek, Air Force

Fred Norman, Air Force

Andrew Kincare, Air Force

Quintin Gorman , Air Force

Dustin Kearns, Air Force

William Laidley, Air Force

Jonathan Babcock, Air Force

Donald Larson, Air Force

Julie Pitt, Air Force

Alex Freeman-Smith, Air Force

Michael Dowdy-Benivamonde, Air Force

Jessica Coulter , Air Force

Thíeyacine Fall, Army

Pamela Hagans, Army

Gary McGrath, Army

Ryan Bishop, Army

Joseph Scott, Army

Mike Conyers, Army

Jorge Rodriguez , Army

Andrew Nixon, Army

AJ Goodman, Army

Robyn Fishburne, Army

Matthew McManus, Army

Amanda Madison, Army

Joseph Farkas, Army

Maggie Martin, Army

Jacqueline Singh, Army

Geoff Hogate, Army

Stan McCoy, Army

Jenn Webster, Army

Amy Divin, Army

Naomi Rodela, Army

Tim Hardin, Army

Mikaila Thomas, Army

Andrew Yip, Army

Zachary Yeary, Army

Nathan Hughes, Army

Arny Stieber, Army

John Gieler , Army

Adam Dowd, Army

Marybeth Knowles, Army

Marvin Sawyer, Army

Doug Rawlings, Army

William potvin, Army

David Giffey, Army

Amanda Vidri, Army

Rand Dawson, Army

Ed Murphy, Army

Ellen Chung, Army

Bill Butler, Army

John Barron-Wike, Army

Stephen Davie, Army

Robert Prokop, Army

Dan Ryan, Army

Steven Linden, Army

Garett Reppenhagen, Army

Douglas Stuart, Army

George Marzocchi, Army

Dan Morgan, Army

Steve Morse, Army

Larry Brink, Army

Cara Bissell, Army

John Hutchcroft , Army

Lorraine Dumas, Army

Christopher Countey, Army

David Brown, Army

Reese Forbes, Army

Marc Cryer, Army

Jaclyn Polhamus, Army

Bryan Urquhart, Army

Donald Reith, Army

Danny Beever, Army

Allen Hallmark, Army

Christina Sitton, Army

Thomas Riddering, Army

Jovanni Reyes , Army

Daniel Rogers, Army

Brian Trautman, Army

Wendy Barranco, Army

Art Sanchez, Army

Arya LaVallee, Army

Casey Lovell, Army

Casey Lovell, Army

Casey Lovell, Army

Hollis Higgins, Army

Ned Long, Army

Spenser Rapone, Army

James Brown, Army

Clesson Oakes, Army

Ray Cage, Army

Kenneth Pelo, Army

David Larsen, Army

Robert Dredden, Army

Ava Salas, Army

Wesley Ware, Army

Joel Isaacson, Army

Steve Bean, Army

Steve Claassen, Army

Andy Berman, Army

Jeff Scroggin, Army

Robert Dredden, Army

Xeena Spellman, Army

Richard Sinnott, Army

Jim Casteris, Army

Ellen E Barfield, Army

Terry Hansen, Army

James J DiPisa, Army

James J DiPisa, Army

Ilmarinen Gouge, Army

Jonathan Raab, Army National Guard

Brandon Bridge, Army National Guard

Jason Mizula , Army National Guard

Erik Johansson, Army National Guard

Fred Dente, Army National Guard

Kristen Grigsby, Army National Guard

Alexander DeSha, Army National Guard

Mick Hill, Army National Guard

Alex Beerling, Army National Guard

Shawna Foster, Army National Guard

Ryan Keen, Army National Guard

Aaron Hughes, Army National Guard

Celia Gomez, Army National Guard

Brittany Ramos DeBarros, Army Reserve

Lee Liddle, Army Reserve

Todd Arena, Army Reserve

Kristina Wolff, Army Reserve

Daniel Tompkins, Army Reserve

Rory Brown, British Army

Marvin Cohen, Coast Guard

David Bailey, Coast Guard

Bud Haas, Coast Guard

Ramon Mejia, Marine Corps

Amelia Fowler, Marine Corps

Joseph Calvert, Marine Corps

Brandon Mariano, Marine Corps

Daniel Alvarez, Marine Corps

Jared Gordon, Marine Corps

Charles Osburn, Marine Corps

Ken McDaniel, Marine Corps

Dmitriy Ostrovskiy, Marine Corps

Ryan Endicott, Marine Corps

Laurel Wade, Marine Corps

Eric Gunlefinger, Marine Corps

Thomas Gill, Marine Corps

Charles Brown, Marine Corps

Jeff Hanrahan, Marine Corps

Matt Howard, Marine Corps

John Motter, Marine Corps

Matthew Hoh, Marine Corps

Albert Sargis, Marine Corps

John Ferrari, Marine Corps

Josh Davila, Marine Corps

Daryl Denning, Marine Corps

Prescott McCurdy, Marine Corps

Stephen Funk, Marine Corps

Timothy Bagwell, Marine Corps

Stephen Funk, Marine Corps

Jim Driscoll, Marine Corps

James Burtns, Marine Corps

Elizabeth Rojo, Marine Corps

Chris Huddleston, Marine Corps

Michael Peterson, Marine Corps

Tony Velez, Marine Corps

Arthur Surratt, Navy

Cynthia DuheHarris , Navy

Christopher Martin, Navy

Matthew Gore, Navy

William Courson, Navy

Rachel Sidney, Navy

James Kelly, Navy

Jeffrey Brown, Navy

Brent Miller, Navy

Connie Hill, Navy

Marvin Young, Navy

Eric Dean, Navy

Armon Ketchum, Navy

John Latta, Navy

Jennifer Weeks, Navy

Jim Wohlgemuth, Navy

Sally-Alice Thompson, Navy

Eric Dean, Navy

Dale Herman, Navy

Dennis Kreiner, Navy

Gregory Ross, Navy

Steven Kloppenburg, Navy

Joseph McLaughlin, Navy

Graeme Currie, Navy

Sarah Parker, Navy

David Wilkerson, Navy

Graeme Currie, Navy

Mike Ferner, Navy

Chuck Hamilton, Navy

Theodore Voth, Navy

Thomas Watson, Navy

Thomas Meisenhelder , Navy

Andrew Turner, Navy

David Cooley, Navy

David Gage, Navy

Gil Williams, Navy

Frank Campbell, Navy

Robert Richard, Navy

Bobbi Steele, Navy

Anthony Murtha, Navy

Brenda Smith, Navy

Beverly Diakur, Navy

Joel Maguire, Navy

John Snively, Navy Reserve

Sterling Vinson, Navy Reserve

Richard Sanderell, Navy

Jason Cordova, Navy

Jeni Brett, Navy

Ronald Inskeep, Navy

Jason Mott, Army

Alexandra Cotton , Navy

Lisa Ling, Air National Guard

Bok-dong Yoon, Marine Corps

Andrei Burke, Marine Corps

Joshua Ovalle, Navy

Daniel T, Army

Gerry Condon, Army

Jim Rutherford , Air Force

Jean Vereen, Army

Chris Spradlin, Navy

Courtney Ferebee , Air Force

Brian Brown, Air Force

Robert Vermillion, Army

Mike Lowery, Navy

James Raasch, Army

Tim Poelker, Navy

Jeff Parente, Marine Corps

Dirk Dieters, Army

Kyle Spalding, Marine Corps

Brian Tucker, Navy

Lyle Jeremy Rubin, Marine Corps

Ed Fisher, Navy Reserve

Jeff Camp, Air Force

Daniel Wilson, Navy

Zack Henson, Army National Guard

Gene Manon, Army

Krystal Two Bulls, Army Reserve

Andrew Johnson , Army

Buzz Davis, Army

Marissa Waters, Army Reserve

Chris Wencker, Air Force

Arti Walker-Peddakotla, Army

Francis Moulton, Air Force

Ismael Uribe, Army

Joseph Laundry, Army National Guard

Matthew Swenson, Army Reserve

Shana Press, Air Force

Allen Wilson, Coast Guard

Mary Font, Army

Jacob Maier, Marine Corps

Thomas Leonard, Jr., Marine Corps

Arian Istogu, Army

Greg Bowman, Air Force

Natasha Bonner , Marine Corps

Amanda Perez, Army

Malorie Kennedy, Army

Rachell Tucker, Army

David Keeler, Navy

Cassandra Jorgensen, Marine Corps

Benjamin Smalley, Navy

Paul Julian Gould, Army

Phillip Crist, Marine Corps

Ashley Kerwin, Air Force

Amber Carpenter, Marine Corps

Matthew Soellner, Navy

Stephen Davidson, Navy

Lauren Franklin, Navy

Jason Hunt, Marine Corps

Renee Sinicki, Army

Caroline Mejia, Air Force

Shiloh Emelein, Marine Corps

Lyle Adley-Warrick, Army

William Roemhild, Army National Guard

David Heeg, Navy

Lise Hull, Navy

Civilian Allies (17, Updated 6/1)

Meagan Rossin

Rodgers Frantz

Amy Henry

Marilyn Brock

Patsy Martinson

Aisha Anjum

Carol Trabing

Jason Brinkman

Myra Mendible

John Alder

Gaia Quay

Maureen Biscardi

Adrienne Weller

Dave Ransom

Michele Ortiz

Rachael Baskind

Siri Margerinn

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