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United Action for Idaho, part of the People's Action national network of grassroots groups, endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders for President ahead of Idaho’s Democratic primary vote on Tuesday, March 10.

Bernie Sanders has demonstrated a lifetime commitment to the working class. He is a fearless champion in fighting for a fair economy and a just society.  Senator Sanders holds the kind of vision for America that addresses the systemic change that is needed; one that places the needs and values of real people first.  

Senator Sanders and United Action for Idaho are aligned on our most urgent policy positions, as well as the necessity of building a multi-racial, multi-generational movement of millions of people to fight for them.

In 2017, Idahoans unveiled a platform of issues and values that would make a significant difference in their lives. Those positions include fighting for high-quality “Medicare for All,” ending mass incarceration, comprehensive immigration reform, eliminating dependence on fossil fuels that is devastating our planet, making public colleges free for everyone, and making sure the rich and corporations pay their fair share in taxes.

Senator Sanders has made our priorities his priorities. 

Time and time again, he has taken on the establishment and led the fight to create real improvements in people’s lives. He also fundamentally understands that real change comes from the people living in communities, not from the corporate elite or those put their self-interests and political aspirations ahead of country.  

For the past three years, Trump’s racist, xenophobic, misogynist and pro-corporate policies have made things even worse for the working class, particularly for Black, brown, and other vulnerable communities. Trump can only be defeated by electing a candidate who’s accountable to the masses, not the privileged few.

As some will recall, Idaho held the biggest Democratic caucus in the history of our country with profound support for then candidate Sanders. His message still resonates here, especially today. We have an opportunity to get it right this time. 

 Hoping that an establishment candidate can unseat Trump is a big gamble and a short-term view. The damage that has occurred over the past three and a half years will not be undone by playing it safe and reverting to the policies of 2008. We will never get more by demanding less. 

 Idahoans from rural, suburban and urban communities understand that this country is rooted in the dream of possibilities. If we give up believing that we can work together to build a country of bold policies that put people first, if we shy away from our responsibility to do much better, we will have lost a lot more than an election.

 This is election is a fundamental choice with profound implications for America; ours and future generations. This is a time that requires each one of us doing our part. That means voting for a candidate who will fight for and with us; it means fighting for a country and each other every single day. It means dreaming of possibilities and working together to make them real. We’ve always done this and we can do it again.


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