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Winter gusts could not keep hundreds from converging on the Racine offices of Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan to deliver a simple message.

“I want to live a life of dignity,” said Reggie Griffin, a retiree in his seventies who traveled from Chicago to join the protest.

Griffin, who works as a home health aide to make ends meet, joined Wisconsin activists to protest Ryan’s proposal to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Ryan’s plan would end insurance for 14 million Americans over the next year, and 24 million within a decade.

“This attack on seniors and families will devastate Midwest communities,” said Anna Marin, manager of civic engagement for the Jane Addams Senior Caucus, an Illinois group. Their members joined Wisconsin’s SEIU Healthcare, the Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans and Citizens Action Wisconsin in the protest.

Braving the winter storm, more than two hundred and fifty marchers made their way at lunchtime from Monument Square on Racine’s Main Street to Paul Ryan’s office with lunch – cans of dog and cat food – which may be the only food seniors might be able to afford if the Republicans’ planned cuts take effect.

The Republican repeal can’t survive once the people understand its true implications,” said Robert Kraig, executive director for Citizen Action of Wisconsin, who attended the protest. “This is a huge test for our democracy.”

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