Millions of Lives at Risk as GOP Lets CHIP Expire

Nine million children in this country are at the brink of losing health coverage. What do our lawmakers say about this? Not a damn word. Why? Because they care more about themselves than our children, and our country's future.

People, Not Politicians, Beat Health Care Repeal

The real story of saving health care is that people from all walks of life, in small towns and big, red districts and blue, are standing up and working together for ourselves and our families, our friends and neighbors.

Worried Sick About Prescription Costs

Drug corporations are bleeding Americans dry. Too many families have to choose between buying medications or putting food on the table, and the proposed health care repeal will only make things worse.

Why This Price Is Wrong

The next health secretary shouldn’t have a record of benefiting from prescription drug profiteering. Profiteering shouldn’t be at the heart of our health care system — we need less corporate control of our health care, not more.

This Doesn’t Sound Like Our Voice

Donald Trump said he'd speak for the people, but in the days since he's become president-elect, it’s billionaires and bigots who are getting heard. Now it's time for us to use our voice and stand up for each other.