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Tax Cuts for the Rich, Paid for with Your Health Care

When Republican leaders tried to repeal health care in the spring and summer, many Americans raised the alarm and made a ruckus. We asked hard questions, looked at the independent analyses, held town halls, told our health care stories, and took to the streets....

Millions of Lives at Risk as GOP Lets CHIP Expire

Nine million children in this country are at the brink of losing health coverage. What do our lawmakers say about this? Not a damn word. Why? Because they care more about themselves than our children, and our country's future. But if they won't speak up, we will. On...

People, Not Politicians, Beat Health Care Repeal

In Friday’s early morning hours, news outlets had their spotlights trained on Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), casting him as the decisive player in the latest health repeal drama. When McCain walked to the front of the room, flagged the clerk, and gave a thumbs down,...

Health Victory Opens Way to Better Care for All

Today, we have a lot to celebrate. We saved health care for 23 million people – and for our whole country. Yes, it was the months of tireless effort by opponents of the Trump-Republican health care repeal effort that set the stage for the legislative defeat that...

Worried Sick About Prescription Costs

Ask about health care at a summer cookout, and you’ll likely get an earful about how drug corporations are gouging us, leaving many families to choose between buying medications or putting food on the table. Why? Because corporations put profits before patients. Look...

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