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Retired Lt. Col. Daniel Davis, who has done two tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan and who has since written articles critical of the way the United States has conducted the wars there, explains in this Burning Issues video his view of what the United States has gotten wrong in Afghanistan.

While the U.S. military has had successful tactical actions in Afghanistan, "what never gets asked, and what is the most important question, is what are you accomplishing by this tactical activity?" Davis says.

Davis' stark conclusion: "It's blatantly obvious that our mission is failing on every level," and our intervention has actually made successfully achieving the goals of a stable government of a country that is not nurturing a terrorist threat much harder.

Davis believes that Hillary Clinton is the presidential candidate most likely to continue the status quo policy in Afghanistan and Iraq, and wants Bernie Sanders to talk more about his ideas for how best to deal with the fallout of our failed Afghanistan and Iraq interventions.

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