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Burning Issues: Is the Iran Nuclear Deal Working?

In today’s Burning Issues video, Kate Gould of the Friends Committee on National Legislation explains why now is the time for supporters of peace and diplomacy to reassert what the deal the Obama administration struck with Iran has accomplished.

Friction Between Sanders and DNC

Sanders campaign complains about DNC convention committee appointments. Politico: “‘There appears to be a fundamental misunderstanding on the part of the Sanders campaign…’ [DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz] said. ‘I have nominated and the Democratic National Executive Committee have elected 25 members to each of the standing committees: rules, credentials and platform … 167 additional members [will be] divided proportionally based on the statewide vote …’ … That … carefully elides the heart of the Sanders camp’s grievance: that the allocation of the initial 75 DNC-nominated standing committee members doesn’t in any way reflect the proportion of the vote the senator has won…”

“Clinton campaign has noticed” Warren’s attacks on Trump. HuffPost: “Multiple sources close to the former secretary of state say that her aides took note of the senator’s ability to rile the real estate tycoon. And they recognize the value of such dart throwing from, say, someone filling out a presidential ticket.”

Clinton proposes Fed reform: “Mrs. Clinton’s campaign said, if elected, she would appoint officials who will carry out ‘unwavering oversight’ of the financial sector and ‘defend’ both sides of the central bank’s inflation and employment mandates. The campaign also said ‘commonsense reforms—like getting bankers off the boards of regional Federal Reserve banks—are long overdue.'”

Trump, Ryan Inch Closer

Friendly body language after Trump-Ryan meeting. The Hill: “… the presumptive GOP nominee did something he doesn’t seem to do very often on the campaign trail: listen … The two men still have disagreements over specific policies, but the Speaker called their conversations ‘good,’ ‘productive’ and ‘positive,’ describing Trump as ‘warm and genuine.'””

But no agreement on issues. Bloomberg: “…it could take a while to bridge their substantial gaps on issues like immigration and free trade. To achieve the genuine unification that Ryan says he’s seeking, [they] would have to find significant compromises. And it’s not clear whether either is willing to budge.”

Politico adds: “There’s money and a joint fundraising agreement between the RNC and Trump’s campaign that is still needs to be hammered out … there are the real policy differences between the party’s professional class and Trump, and questions about whether the nominee will adhere to positions elemental to the GOP platform … Trump’s inner circle believes that the nominee has earned the right to dictate the terms of the convention schedule, vendor contracts and party platform.”

Ryan brings charts to Trump meeting. Politico: “Ryan’s goal on Thursday was to get Trump to understand what he — and, by extension House Republicans — care about. The speaker even brought charts and slides illustrating the nation’s budget…”

Trump reiterates, on Fox, he does not want a federal minimum wage increase. The Hill quotes: “I like letting the states set the minimum wage … New York is totally different than if you go to Alabama or Arkansas.”

Trump attacks Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos. USA Today: “[Trump said] that Bezos is using the Post ‘like a toy’ and ‘for power so that the politicians in Washington don’t tax Amazon like they should be taxed … I would go after him for anti-trust because he has a huge anti-trust problem.'”

Trump takes advantage of tax loopholes. Steven Rattner in NYT oped: “Throughout his career, Mr. Trump has not only grabbed for every loophole and legal lever he could find, he’s boasted about it … I’ll bet there’s plenty to learn [from his tax returns]. More likely, Mr. Trump doesn’t want us to know how small his tax hit is…”

Trump losing moderates, says Stan Greenberg in W. Post oped: “…GOP moderates are about to abandon their party’s nominee in large numbers … Our polling found that just 60 percent of GOP moderates said they would vote for Trump in a matchup with Clinton.”

No conservatives step up for a third-party bid. The Hill: “…GOP donors have so far been reluctant to embrace a bid. No major political star has stepped forward publicly so far to be a third-party candidate either…”

Breakfast Sides

More seniors working than in decades. Bloomberg: “Almost 20 percent of Americans 65 and older are now working, according to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s the most older people with a job since the early 1960s, before the U.S. enacted Medicare.”

Enviros push for broader methane regs. The Hill: “Environmentalists are pushing regulators to institute methane controls on existing oil and gas drilling sites now that [the] Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday finalized rules on methane emissions from new and modified oil and gas drilling sites … The EPA is asking drillers to provide regulators with technical and cost information about how to cut down on methane leaks.”

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