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Critics of the nuclear deal with Iran have stepped up their opposition even though it is a clear success. Kate Gould of the Friends Committee on National Legislation, an expert on the Middle East policy, explains why now is the time for supporters of peace and diplomacy to reassert what the deal the Obama administration struck with Iran has accomplished.

As a result of the deal, there have already been more conversations between the U.S. and Iran over other regional conflicts, which is tremendously significant. Now that this diplomatic channel is wider, the U.S. should hold up its end of the bargain and lift more of the economic sanctions against Iran, which can only be done by Congress, Gould says.

On this issue, it matters who is in the White House – Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has said ripping up the Iran deal would be among his first actions if he is president – and it matters how much citizen pressure in support of continued diplomacy with Iran is felt by Congress.

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