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The Communications Workers of America (CWA) strike at Verizon is now in week three. Thirty-nine thousand workers are striking to preserve middle class wages in the U.S. The strike is affecting company operations and customers are feeling it, but the executives want their huge paychecks, so the strike continues.

At Time, Martha White reports:

Since nearly 40,000 union members walked off the job at Verizon two weeks ago, the telecom giant has been scrambling to keep its systems up and running, but it seems to be falling behind in one critical area: reputation.

… consumer perception of the telecom giant has fallen to a three-year low, according to YouGov’s Brand Index.

Fortune has also noticed, reporting that customers have lower opinions of Verizon as a result of the strike:

The survey is the first indication that the strikers could have an impact on Verizon’s business.

…there could be a slow and steady impact if the strike drags on as customers come to the end of phone contracts or are considering switching service.

This is a video titled, Take the Pledge: I Won’t Cross the Line, with K.C. Tucker, a Verizon Wireless Worker from Brooklyn, NY:


If you want to support striking workers on the picket line you can find one near you here:

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