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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the famous New Democrat who clashed with progressive New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and blocked his pledge to raise the minimum wage in New York City, now writes in the New York Times that fast food workers need a raise.  

Cuomo boasts how he has worked to raise the minimum wage in New York, scorns the state legislature for standing in the way of a further increase, and – shades of Barack Obama – announces he will use his executive powers to convene a wage board to report on the need for raising the wages of fast food workers.  

This is a remarkable victory for the Fight for $15 movement.  The demonstrations and moral claim of fast food workers have now moved cities, states and multinationals like McDonald’s to lift their wages.  At the national level, Democrats have gone from advocating a $9 an hour minimum wage to $10.10 and now towards $12.  Keep pushing.  It works.  

Here is the link to Cuomo’s op-ed.

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