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Did you know that companies are subsidized by our government when they move jobs and production facilities out of the country? A Senate bill to stop this tax break was filibustered Wednesday by Senate Republicans.

Will we ever know which companies — and countries — paid Republicans to kill this bill?

Senate Republicans again filibustered the Bring Jobs Home Act (S. 2569), "a bill to provide an incentive for businesses to bring jobs back to America."

This bill would:

  • Give companies a 20 percent tax credit for relocating business units from outside the US back to the U.S.
  • End the current ability of a company to take deductions for the costs of moving jobs and production out of the country.

Wednesday's filibuster follows their 2012 filibuster of essentially the same bill. (Note, Republicans filibustered the DISCLOSE Act that same week in 2012. The DISCLOSE Act would have let the public know which billionaires, corporations and countries are giving money to Republicans.)

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