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Take a look at the 2013 Edition of the website called Executive PayWatch from the AFL-CIO. This site, active since 1997, helps drive awareness of the huge wage gap between CEO pay and the average employee. Compare your pay to the pay of top executives. Heck, you might even make more than they do! (Hint: you don’t.)

According to the AFL-CIO, “since 1982, the CEO versus worker pay gap has jumped from 42 times more than the average rank-and-file worker to 2012’s record 354 times greater. In real dollars, a CEO of a Standard and Poor’s 500 Index company averaged $12.3 million a year in total compensation, while the average rank-and-file worker earned $36,654.”

The new 2013 edition of Executive PayWatch:

…unveils several new features this year, including:

  • The retirement multimillion-dollar nest eggs of the leading Business Roundtable CEOs—the same group that wants to cut Social Security benefits;
  • The records of 40 of the largest mutual funds and their votes on CEO pay proposals for the companies in which they invest;
  • The CEO to worker pay gap around the world; and
  • Trends in CEO pay.

As in past years, visitors to PayWatch can compare their pay and benefit package to that of a CEO, search the CEO pay database and take action to rein-in CEO pay.

Executive PayWatch also looks at:

  • CEO Pay and You
  • Trends in CEO Pay
  • CEO-to-Worker Pay Gap in the U.S.
  • Pay Ratios Around the World
  • CEO Pay Data Sources
  • Business Roundtable’s Nest Eggs
  • Fix the Debt CEOs’ Offshore Profits
  • Mutual Funds & CEO Pay


Also, take a look at the great infographic at Executive PayWatch.

Some Sample Tweets

1 CEO makes 354x what the average worker makes. How does your pay stack up to #CEOpay? #p2

The gap between U.S. #CEOpay and worker pay is by far the widest in the world. Learn more: #p2

Hey CEOs: Want to ‘@FixTheDebt’? Pay your taxes. #CEOpay is out of control #p2

In 1980 CEOs made 42x the avg. blue collar worker. In 2012 CEOs made 354x the avg. worker: #CEOPay


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