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Watch this video, Movin’ in, kids! Then click through and give it a rating because the video with the most view and best rating wins!


This video comes to you from Just Scrap The Cap.

The Story

The Peter G. Peterson Foundation — the people who are funding this huge effort to cut Social Security, and using many front groups like Fix the Debt — is hosting a video contest. According to Peterson’s Concord Coalition,

“The foundation is soliciting videos from people across the country, in which they tell Washington why fixing the national debt is so critically important to our future. The two best videos – as determined by views, public votes, and review by a panel of experts – are eligible for a $500 prize.

These videos will bring together a range of voices to show that wherever you go, Americans understand the importance of fiscal responsibility and want their leaders to start making the right choices.”

From the Peter G. Peterson foundation website:

We’re compiling videos of people across the country letting Congress and the President know why fixing our national debt is so important. There’s more to be done. We’re hoping you’ll take a moment to play a starring role and spread the message. It’s easy—just follow the instructions below for an opportunity to win $500.

And from the “I’m Ready” video gallery:

By making a video you’re eligible to win one of two $500 prizes. $500 will go to the person with the highest number of views for their video. $500 will be awarded to a judge’s selection, based on originality, creativity, and inspirational message. The deadline for entries is March 31st, 2013, and final viewcount tabulations end on April 8th, 2013.

Scrap The Cap

Here’s the story about the cap, from Just Scrap The Cap,

Hey kiddos,

Let’s talk turkey – specifically about those turkeys who want to cut Social Security benefits. What’s up with that?

Well, it sure as heck isn’t because of the deficit. Social Security’s trust fund has a $2.6 trillion surplus right now, which is enough to pay everyone’s benefits in full for another 25 years. If anyone tells you Social Security is going broke, they’re blowing more smoke than a chimney.

Here’s the reality: Social Security would pay full benefits forever – not just to us, but to you, and even your kids (hint, hint) — if millionaires simply paid the same Social Security tax rate as most people. Heck, we could even afford to improve Social Security benefits a bit.

Right now, everyone pays Social Security taxes on the first $110,100 they earn, which means most people pay Social Security taxes on their whole paycheck. But since $110,100 is the cap (unless Congress acts to change it), a whole lot of wealthy people don’t pay a dime in Social Security taxes on most of what they make.

Not to get all parental – it’s your life – but this is important stuff. Because unless you tell Congress to “Just Scrap the Cap,” they could cut Social Security benefits — and we might be movin’ in.

Tell Congress no cuts to benefits – Just Scrap The Cap.

Go visit Just Scrap The Cap and tell Congress no cuts to benefits – Just Scrap The Cap.

Here is Democracy Now!, on Peter G. Peterson and the front group Fix the Debt!


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