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Conservatives are using the sequester as leverage in their latest attempt to hold our economy and government hostage. All in all, nine percent of non-defense programs and 13 percent of defense programs will be cut in a seven-month time span. Aside from the million jobs lost, threat of a double-dip recession, and risk to our national security, the automatic cuts are simply egregious to human needs.

But what Congress created, it can end. On March 20, join CAF, more than 60 national organizations, and the AFL-CIO for a national day of actions at congressional offices and communities to ask Congress to cancel the sequester.  Here at Campaign for America’s Future (CAF), we have one simple message for Congress: “Cancel the Sequester!”

There are negotiations underway to replace the sequester, for everyone knows it only benefits a select few, but the solution is far more simple: repeal the sequester. It is time to put this manufactured crises behind us and start focusing on the urgent problems facing our country: putting America back to work, raising wages, and reducing economic inequality.

“We are proud to join with 60 national groups and 300,000 individuals to send a clear message to Congress:  End the Sequester,” said Roger Hickey, co-director of the Campaign for America’s Future. “The Members of Congress at the event today understand the sequester was created by legislative action when conservatives threatened to destroy our economy by failing to raise the debt ceiling.  What Congress created, Congress can end.  And Rep. John Conyers’ proposed law does it in one sentence.  The American people do not want to paralyze important public services or choke of a very weak economy, and that’s why the movement is growing to repeal the sequester,” said Hickey.

Make sure that your voice, along with the majority of Americans, is heard by attending the national day of action and signing our petition.

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