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HuffPost Live had a discussion segment based on a piece I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the racist BusinessWeek cover that depicted greedy minority borrowers raking in fistfuls of cash from “liar loans.”

The session included a mistreated homeowner named Rose McGee; Anthony Newby from Occupy Homes in Minnesota; libertarian Anthony Randazzo, Director of Economic Research at the Reason Foundation; and a (very jetlagged) me.  Here’s the video.

It was a moving discussion, especially with Rose, who’s been through so much and now has to endure being demonized. That demonization takes at least three forms – mistreatment by the banks, ostracism and judgmental reactions from people around her, and bigoted stereotypes like the BusinessWeek cover.

Anthony Newby’s group is doing great work. Rose is brave, articulate, and inspiring.

And Randazzo is well-informed, very smart, and extremely likeable. That’s how it is with some libertarians: They’re terrific, until that moment when they’re totally off. It’s like dating somebody new who seems like Mr. or Ms. Right until the third date, when they start talking about the aliens …

Take a look.

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