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If you listen to any one audio segment talking about what is going on with the Postal Service this week I recommend this interview I did with The Matthew Filipowicz Show, (which you can also hear on We Act Radio in the DC area.) Click here to listen to the interview.

It seems I had consumed just the right amount of coffee — and that’s hard to get right.

This is more a discussion of privatization in general then just the attack on the Postal Service.

The best way to listen is to stream it by clicking here and slide the slider to 22:45. You can also click to download, and again, remember that my part starts at 22:45. There is a player at the show’s website, but I can’t seem to skip to 22:45.

ALSO In Deep With Angie Coiro

I also did an entire show on In Deep with Angie Coiro (which also airs on We Act Radio in the DC area). This was titled A Manufactured Crisis: The USPS.

This hour, Angie is joined in studio by Harvey Smith (president of the New Deal Preservation Association; advisor to the Living New Deal; member of Save the Berkeley Post Office) and Dave Johnson (fellow at Campaign For America’s Future) for a panel discussion on whether the United States Postal Service is really in a state of crisis and who is really to blame for their budget woes.

And Angie’s demented sidekick Buttercup drops in to talk Marco Rubio’s move from his working class neighborhood, Fox News mocking a 102 year old, and the “funny and creative” video a conservative PAC created depicting Hillary Clinton.

Angie is the best interviewer on the air, in my opinion.

There is a player at the In Deep with Angie Coiro page for this segment.

Click here for the MP3.

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