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Do House Republicans really believe they have their constituent’s best interests at heart? Obviously not, due to their receptiveness to deep cuts in vital social programs while simultaneously safeguarding the wealthiest American’s from paying more.

Do House Republicans even ask their constituents what programs they hold dear? Once again, the answer is probably no. A recent poll found that the areas Americans are most unwilling to cut are education, Medicare, and veterans benefits. Yet, Republicans continue to play political football with the threat of sequestration, while ignoring the ramifications that their actions will have on their states.

On Monday, Pew Charitable Trusts released a terrific infographic depicting how federal grants to states would be affected under sequestration.

The report found that “Overall, about one-fifth of federal grant funding to states would be subject to the sequester.” Not surprisingly, the number one program area that American’s do not want cut, education, is vulnerable to having 100 percent of its federal assistance cut come March 1.

Similarly, 100 percent of grants to community and regional development are also subject to sequestration. The Washington-created “fiscal cliff” is no more than hoax driven by conservatives, corporations, and CEOs. The government will not go over this so-called “cliff”, but states just may as education worsens, the economy declines, and neighborhoods fall into despair.

Republicans must not be allowed to continually hijack our fiscal policy and hold the middle class hostage. The answer is simple: repeal the sequester and dismantle the austerity bomb.

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