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Senate Republicans have been using filibusters to block ... everything. You might not even know it, because the filibuster is no longer the talk-all-night event that most people expect. Democrats are trying to fix this by restoring the old "talk all night" rules. They only need two more votes. Make a call to add your voice to the pressure.

Call your senators, you can use this page at Fix The Senate Now to get connected.

Daily Kos will help you email your senators to tell them not to support a watered-down alternative that preserves the obstruction.

AMERICAblog has this "ACTION ALERT: We are 2 senators away from filibuster reform; call today." This posts lists the specific senators who need to be called, with phone numbers.

Tell Senate Democrats to oppose fake filibuster reform

After more than two years of working to reform the filibuster, Senate Democrats are on the verge of passing rules changes that would actually make it easier for Republicans to obstruct legislation.

Sign this Credo petition

The filibuster is an antiquated provision in Senate procedure that has given a minority of right-wing senators the ability to paralyze the Senate.

It's the reason there was no public option in health care reform, financial reform didn't end "too big to fail," and the DREAM Act never made it to the Senate floor.

Every two years, at the beginning of a new Congress, there's an opportunity to fix the filibuster.

Two year ago, there was movement to do so. But then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid cut a bad deal with Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

We need to speak out and make sure that the Senate doesn't take a pass on reform like they did last time.

Make that call!


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