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The world didn’t end! The Mayan calendar starts a new cycle and we can too. Take it easy; have a Happy Holiday.

It’s the holiday season and the end of a year. It is time to take a break, enjoy family and reflect on the year that just was and imagine that new year that will be. Please, enjoy some time away from the news and the hype and the bluster (except of course you should come to and this blog every day.)

The world didn’t end, and the “fiscal cliff” is not a cliff. This “cliff” is entirely an invention of Congress and what Congress giveth Congress can taketh away. And even if Congress doth not taketh away keep in mind that it all slowly phases in.

The Mayan calendar said that the world renews, not that it ends – and the fiscal cliff is not really a cliff. Taxes don’t hurt the economy because we can use the money to help the economy. We can still hire millions to repair our infrastructure – something we are going to have to do soon no matter matter what. And after we do that the economy will be more efficient and competitive. We can grow our way out of deficits. The bigger lesson to learn from this is that all the “deficit hawks” were terrified when faced with actual, big cuts in the deficit.

Reflections on this last year remind us that We, the People can see through the smoke and mirrors and win the bigger battles. As we enter the new year, remember that we really are all in this together in the big American family, watching out for each other and taking care of each other. We are not on our own, alone and in competition against all others, as conservatives would have you believe. They are just wrong.

Be of good cheer, be happy, be safe, be strong and we will see you in 2013.

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